Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 23, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysIt is one of the last Tuesdays of the year, and we have a nice mix of read worthy blogs on a variety of topics to make your Tuesdays better. Read the Tangy Tuesday Picks of the week and tell us what you think of our choice! 31st December is around the corner, so you have a little more than a week to participate in the #WillYouShave activity and Earn Unlimited, not to mention a chance to get your hands on an Apple iPad!

  • Who: Meeta Sengupta
  • What: “Radha”
  • Tangy: The love story of Radha and Krishna has inspired many a couple through the ages. For some it is the best kind of love, while for others it is an unrequited love story. Like many others before her, this blogger is also inspired to spin rhymes about Radha.

  • Who: Gayathri Naga
  • What: “All is well that ends well”
  • Tangy: We love new beginnings, the start of something fresh. On the other hand, we dread the end of anything, be it a job, relationship or a life. This blogger questions our aversion to endings and tries to look at their brighter side.

  • Who: Tulika Singh
  • What: “Finding Santa”
  • Tangy: As Christmas approaches, all of us look forward to a visit by Santa Claus bearing a sack full of gifts (yes, even after we have grown up). But is it really important to look at someone else to bring us gifts? Can we find Santa wherever we look? Read on to find out.

  • Who: Namrata Suri
  • What: “The year end post – 2014”
  • Tangy: At the end of the year, we naturally rewind 12 months and take stock of what we liked, disliked and learnt in the year gone by. This blogger has wrapped up 2014 in a neat package by listing down the picks of the year.

  • Who: Syed Ammar
  • What: “Peshawar Attack: A Letter from 8-year old Bilal to his Mother”
  • Tangy: It’s been a week since the Peshawar school attack, but the horrible memories of the incident refuse to fade away. A week after the incident, a blogger tries to do delve into the mind of a slain child in the last moments before a violent and senseless death.

  • Who: Parul
  • Tangy: ‘How to be happily married’ must be one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the Universe, with everyone having a different take on the matter. Turns out, having a happy marriage is no rocket science, as this blogger explains in a fun blog post.

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