Spicy Saturday Picks, 20th December – Peshawar Attack

Spicy SaturdayThe attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar on December 16th, 2014 left the world numb over the gruesome and senseless death of young students and educators. While it is not possible for any of us to comprehend the magnitude of the tragedy , some bloggers have tried to express our feelings through blog posts. BlogAdda offers its deepest condolences to the grieving families and dedicates this edition of Spicy Saturday Picks to the memory of the children who were taken away too soon.

    • Who: Sampoorna Satheesha Rappaz
    • Spicy: The heinous Peshawar attack churned the emotions of anyone who heard about it. It is natural that accusations fly fast in this agitated atmosphere. This blogger takes a step back and takes a look at the volatile crucible in which this terror attack was brewed.

    • Who: Saru Singhal
    • What: “Black Tuesday”
    • Spicy: The mother of any young child knows how impossible it is to make them stay still for a long period of time. Mothers are constantly asking their children to calm down and rest in one place. But wouldn’t the mothers of the students who lost their lives in the December 16 attack give anything to see their children run around them one more time?

    • Who: Shweta Shirodaria
    • What: “That Winter Morning”
    • SpicyWake the children up. Listen to their excuse of the day to miss school. Get them ready and push them towards the school gate nevertheless. This is a routine that parents live every day of their lives. How many times would a mother of a slayed child have wished that she had indulged her son or daughter’s excuse and let them stay at home that fateful day?

    • Who: Hemani Jain
    • What: “Death of Humanity”
    • Spicy: India’s rivalry with Pakistan extends from the cricket field to the Wagah border. A victory against Pakistan in any game is sweeter than winning against any other country. But in the face of a huge tragedy such as the Peshawar attack, the heart crosses borders and reaches out to our suffering neighbours.

    • Who: Amita Gulia Sehrawat
    • Spicy: When a child refuses to go to school, his parents tell him that going to school will make him successful, intelligent and he will be taken care of by the teachers. What happens when these promises are cut short, just like the lives of the children in the Army School?

    • Who: Harshad Mehta
    • What: “How foolish!”
    • Spicy: The ruthless killing of the Army school children was the terrorists’ way of sending a chilling message to the world. But this blogger expresses her confidence that in the long run, it is only good that will win over evil forces.

    • Who: Abhishek Ray
    • Spicy: There is no justification for violence, but mayhem in the name of religion when all religions preach peace is plain senseless. This writer wishes for a world where the monstrosity of terrorism does not exist.

    • Who: Shreya Zachariah
    • What: “#Peshawar”
    • Spicy: In a world with a population of more than 7 billion, a figure of 145 seems quite minuscule. But when 145 people are gunned down mercilessly at one place, most of them young children, the Earth should sit up and take notice.

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