Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 16, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysWhat day is it? Tuesday! That means you get to read Tangy Tuesday Picks on BlogAdda which are the best of Indian blogs. The Opportunity to Earn Unlimited is still waiting for you so head over to the #WillYouShave activity and start blogging!  

  • Who: Nivedita Louis
  • What: “I, the missus”
  • Tangy: A woman is known by the roles that she plays in her life- a daughter, a wife, a mother and much more. It is possible for a woman to lose herself in these roles, but this blogger finds out the importance of preserving one’s own identity.

  • Who: Natasha Borah Khan
  • What: “Not My Shame”
  • Tangy: Despite the rise in cases of assault on women, a section of the society indulges in victim shaming, implying that the victim’s behaviour had something to do with the attack. This article puts the blame right where it belongs, on the attacker.

  • Who: Shilpa Sharma
  • What: “Winter Street Style Inspirations”
  • Tangy: Winter is finally here and there is no better time to whip out that winter wear sitting at the back of the closet. Who says that clothes that protect against the cold should be grey and boring? Here are some tips to brighten up your winter wardrobe!

  • Who: Pratibha Jani
  • What: “Green peas N Baby carrot Soup{Heart Healthy}”
  • Tangy: When there is a nip in the air, we automatically lean towards comfort food to warm owurselves up. But we can’t always afford to have the tempting pakodas and fried food. Here is a healthy heart friendly recipe to experiment with on those cool wintry mornings.

  • Who: Vivek Jain
  • What: “Kavita : कविता बेटे”
  • Tangy: Girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice, and they are also the subject of many poems and songs. This blogger goes against the norm and writes a poem for the sons, who are just as inspirational.

  • Who: Mandira
  • What: “One”
  • Tangy: The first year of a marriage is at once the most magical and most challenging time for the new couple. There are new discoveries, new fights and new adjustments to be made, making it a memorable time. Read this account of a new wife on one year of marriage.

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