Pre Wedding jitters no more!

For a lot of people, their wedding day is the biggest day of their lives. As the quote in the movie ‘Bride Wars’ goes, ‘A wedding marks the first day of the rest of your life. You have been dead until now‘. Well, we don’t want to be that dramatic, but the wedding along with all the pre wedding functions are a huge milestone, big enough to get you all jittery. We know that pre wedding traditions differ from family to family, but here’s a handy guide for you to get rid of the pre wedding jitters!


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1. Make your engagement perfect

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It all begins with an engagement ceremony, where the bride and groom announce to the world that they wish to spend the rest of their lives together. Go through this checklist by Sonika to make your engagement ceremony perfect, which will set the tone beautifully for your wedding.

2. This one’s for the Bride!

The news of your best friend getting married sends you into a tizzy and the first thought is ‘I need to plan a hen party for the bride!’ There are tons of options available to make the last celebration of your friend’s life as a single girl really memorable. Check out this handy guide by Black Book for the Indian Bride and plan a bachelorette party the bride won’t forget.

3. Where’s the bridal shower?

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The hen party is sometimes a ‘Friends Only’ affair, so you definitely need a bridal shower where all the important women in the bride’s life can pamper her and make her feel loved. If you have a great venue, half the battle is won because the mood, games and outfits will depend on the location that you choose. How do you do it? With some tips from Indian Wedding of course.

4. Band Baaja Sangeet!

There are just a few elements needed to make your sangeet a fun pre-wedding function- music, and guests who can’t resist dancing to the beats.You can still go ahead and make your sangeet stand out from the rest of the crowd with these ideas from Aloha Mehta.

5. Let’s play DJ

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As we said, music is the one element that can make or break your sangeet function. There will be as many choices in music as there are guests, but here is a readymade playlist by Shinjini Amitabh Chawla that has a great mix and match to satisfy everyone from the playful groom to the romantic bride.

6. The perfect Sangeet look

Bridal makeup might look like just one thing to tick off your to-do list, but the make up during the pre wedding functions should be lighter than that on the big day, owing to the casual mood during the sangeet and mehendi. Here is one of the looks for a sangeet function by Samyukta that you can recreate.

7. The Colour of Love

Nowadays we hardly see any bride without the deep red colour of mehendi on her hands. We just assume that mehendi, or henna, is a part of the pre wedding rituals, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know the significance of the bridal mehendi and designs? 3 Productions gives you a lowdown of the mehendi tradition.

8. Mehendi Favour ideas

If you’ve seen any wedding card recently, you can see that the bride and groom request the guests not to bring any gifts. On the other hand, giving personalized wedding favours to guests is a rising trend. Here are some gift ideas for your mehendi guests by The Indian Wedding Blog which will surely bring a smile to their faces.

9. Paint it yellow

The haldi function is not just a pre-wedding ritual, grandmothers swear that it makes the bride glow on her wedding day. Turmeric’s prowess at making the skin flawless is well known, and the best haldi is the one prepared at home with a traditional recipe. Panache India shows you how to make a wonderful haldi paste for the bride.

10. Preserve your memories

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Years after the wedding is over, we look at photos of the big day and reminisce about all the happy and sad moments of the big day. The downside is that the bride and groom are so busy on the day of their wedding that they can hardly find time to click beautiful pictures. The solution? A pre wedding photo shoot where you have to worry only about looking good and spending some quality time with your spouse-to-be while the photographer clicks you. Decide what to do and what not to do with these tips by Wedding Sutra.

After looking through these posts, your pre wedding functions are bound to be as huge a hit among guests as the wedding itself. Let us know what you think about these in the comments section below!

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