Spicy Saturday Picks – 13th December, 2014

Spicy Saturday Saturdays are meant for rest and relaxation and they are also meant for…Spicy Saturday Picks! So here we are with another edition of Spicy Saturday picks where the best Indian blogs find a place. For those of you who have not participated in the Gillette #WillYouShave activity, there is still time to win the ‘Opportunity To Shop‘. And if you plan to write on the weekend, we have a great WOW prompt waiting for you!

    • Who: ZTechInfo
    • What:“Apple Watch – Will fail, but not in sales”
    • Spicy: Everything that Apple touches turns to gold, and it’s more than impressive sales are testimony to this fact. With the Apple Watch on the horizon, this blogger writes about whether the new Apple product can dominate the smart watch market.

    • Who: Ritu Lalit
    • What: “Growing Old Disgracefully”
    • Spicy: Most of us dread getting older because of the horror stories that we hear about old age. read this fun account about the advantages of being ‘mature’ and get rid of this dread!

    • Who: Manou manou
    • What: “An Essay on Indian Street Fashion”
    • Spicy: There is a world of fashion on the runways of the many fashion weeks that happen in India. Then there are the streets which open up a different dimension in fashion. Check out some beautiful pictures of every day fashion through the eyes of this blogger.

    • Who: RaveRantReflect
    • Spicy: After the recent rape case in Delhi, there have been many voices of dissent regarding the ban on Uber taxis. This article looks beyond the surface and asks if moneyed companies can afford to compromise on values and safety.

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