Spicy Saturday Picks – 27th September, 2014

Spicy SaturdayHello readers ! As Navratri is here, country is in the celebrations mood, so are we with #CelebrateBlogging Teams of super awesome budding authors are creating innumerable enthralling stories. While the Blogosphere of our Indian Bloggers is sprouting with energy and enthusiasm, we feel proud to uphold the spirit of Blogging everyday. Here are some of the best posts for you to read and celebrate 🙂

    • Who: Rekha Nair Dhyani
      What: “Hate Story – A Letter to all Cowards”
      Spicy: A Clarion Call from the writer to fight out against people who make life miserable for women, each and every word exemplifies the hard times she has gone through and how she has evolved as a stronger human being.

    • Who: Aditi Mathur
      What:Let Us Pick Up Our Books & Pens
      Spicy: An enlightening post written to spread awareness about Breakthrough’s #Selfies4School campaign focusing on the importance of education for Girls and the positive impact it might have on the society.

    • Who: Somdyuti Datta Ray
      What: Roar For A Cause. Walk For A Cause. #hokkolorob
      Spicy: An astonishing report on the hideous series of events that occurred in Jadavpur University conferring solidarity with the victim and taking a stand against the authorities. #hokkolorob

    • Who: Gyanban
      What: “Broaderline”
      Spicy: The author retrospects on the border related disputes which are fueled to gain strategic or economic advantage and not to protect the historic integrity. Read More on why we don’t need a borderline but we need a broader line in the mind.

    • Who: Laxmi
      What: “Prelude to a change”
      Spicy: An intense write up from the best selling author of Bombay Chronicles which reaffirms the fact that sometimes you have to do things yourself and bring about a change rather than relying on Cosmic to set everything right.

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