Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 30, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHello fellas ! We have long weekend coming up. While we all #CelebrateBlogging and Navratri here are some creativity pots for you to get inspired and write one of your own, check out this week’s most creative blog posts 🙂


  • Who: Shalini
    What: Dear Crush
    Tangy: She shares her craziness and obsession for him. Why this letter is interesting you will find out only after reading it.

  • Who: A Concerned Citizen
    What: Cancellation of Gandhi Jayanti Holiday is undemocratic, anti-Gandhian and anti-employee
    Tangy: This article is by an government employee who through this blog tries to share his concern and inconvenience caused, because of the cancellation of public holiday on Gandhi Jayanti. He wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi as the reason for cancellation is his recent campaign of cleaner India.

  • Who: Srishti Kush
    What: Why I Love my Start-up Job
    Tangy: There are several reasons for not joining a start-up but the author has her own reasons to love her start-up job. She realizes that in the end you are not working for money, there is altogether a different reason to work and that is to make things work. You have the freedom to think, innovate and make your own decisions.

  • Who: Anusree Menon
    What: Tiffin Services In Mumbai
    Tangy: It is a helpful guide by the author on tiffin services in Mumbai. Details of three tiffin services who matches her taste and requirements are shared in depth.

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