Spicy Saturday Picks – 20th September, 2014

Spicy SaturdayHello readers ! First round of Game Of Blogs#CelebrateBlogging concluded on a very happy and motivating note. Many enthralling stories were created by our super talented teams. With all the teams making a power packed entry into the second round it will be interesting to see their reflexes to the spicy twist this weekend. While the Blogosphere is sprouting with energy and enthusiasm, we feel proud to uphold the spirit of Blogging everyday. Here are some of the best posts for you to read and celebrate 🙂 

    • Who: Ankita
      What: “नया अहसास !”
      Spicy: Poetic depiction of a Father’s feelings towards the wonderful experience of having a daughter who makes him play different roles in life Read More.

    • Who: Mayavie
      Spicy: A sweet and simple story from Timsy Kumar who loves only two things in Make Up ‘Kajal’ and Earrings.

    • Who: Suranga Date
      What: Spits and guts
      Spicy: A convincing analogy which preaches the lesson of individual accountability and the way forward to a better life from the award winning Blogger Suranga Date aka Ugich Konitaristory.

    • Who: Pallav
      What: “Why Priya is a Bad Boss”
      Spicy: The author uses the age old concept of teaching management lessons through story telling and rants about how the protagonist in the Airtel TVC is a horrible boss/wife.

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