Game of Blogs is here!

Let the game begin!

Excited to play the game? Ready to ‘Connect, Create and Compete’?

Game of Blogs

Start devising the game strategy because now the game has begun!

It is an opportunity for you to write better, show your creative prowess and put on display the power of a collaborative effort with the three focus words being CONNECT| CREATE | COMPETE.

Teams have been formed and have already started working.

Without any ado, let us disclose the theme for you all to write. You will be given 5 Characters and your team will have to weave a creative fictional story revolving around them.

Characters :

  1. Shekhar Dutta – Stay home Dad, freelance writer, Hindu, Stays in Mumbai
    Description – French beard, bald, average height, fair, thin specs, lean, wears t-shirt & track pants generally, ever smiling.
  2. Tara Dutta – Shekhar’s wife, Media professional , career oriented woman.
    Description – Fair, short hair, tall, prim & proper dressed, wear formals & high heels.
  3. Roohi Dutta – 9 years girl, Shekhar and Tara’s daughter.
    Description – Fair, healthy, notorious, 2 ponytail, wear frill frocks.
  4. Jennifer Joseph –  Photographer, Christian, Stays in Kochi (Kerala)
    Description – Dusky, average height, tattoo on right hand, wears casual shorts and tees, lots of accessories, always carries a camera.
  5. Cyrus Daruwala – A law student, Stays in Delhi
    Description – Tall,  extremely fair, big specs, curly hair, stern face, beard on the  chin.

Our Story

Week after week the teams of bloggers who progress further will collaborate and re-create stories around the above characters and continue the story from where they left in the previous week.

Rules of the Game :

  1. There are 3 rounds in this activity
  2. Every blogger has to write a minimum of one blog post per round i.e One blog post per week. The team has to have one blogpost per day.
  3.  A point of Contact/Team Leader from the Team will have to discuss and decide the order for the bloggers in which the blogs will be written and the link will be submitted to the Point of Contact/Team Leader and in the form here.
  4. There should be a minimum of 7 blog posts from 7 different bloggers for a team to qualify for the next round. Any team submitting less than 7 blog posts will be DISQUALIFIED.
  5. Bloggers cannot kill any main character and can create only upto a maximum of 3 sub characters.
  6. The team has to submit all the entries before the last day through the given form or the team will be disqualified.
  7. You can check your team’s score at the leader board here to know the status.
  8. The first round ends on 17th September 2014. 



For more details check the FAQS.

Special Rules for Posting the blog :

  • You have to mention your team name at the top of the blog post. The team names can be decided by the team members.
  • Include the link of the previous bloggers blog post by mentioning “Read the previous part of the story here(Hyperlink to the previous bloggers post) ”  (Not applicable for the first blogger who starts writing the story)
  • Please copy and paste this code at the bottom of the Blog post.
    “Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs‘ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”
  • Once the next blogger in the  queue who is after you completes his/her blog post and publishes it, include a link in your blog post at the end stating “ Read the next part of the story here(Hyperlink to the next bloggers blog post)”

Loved it? So now get going, paint the world with your imagination, and create the masterpiece.

There will be 3 teams in the end with their stories and one of them will get their story published in a book by BlogAdda.


64 Replies to “Game of Blogs is here!”

  1. Just so that we are on the same page :

    Each team writes, at least 7 posts that constitues to one big story.

    On submission day all 7 posts are posted in the comment section here.(which is a link from thier individual blogs)

    Each post ,other than the first, will have a link to the previous and the next,other than the last.

    BA is this a fair understanding ?

  2. Well, what I understand is that there needs to be at least one upload from each group that takes the story forward.
    Besides the ‘story’ segments, each blogger in every team must have at least one post per week during the period of #CelebrateBlogging… this is probably to ensure that there is no blogger with a blog that remains inactive.

  3. @Gyanban Ya you are right, just that it is compulsory for a team to post 1 blog/day. Also can we have your team name.

  4. feeling nice to be the point of contact of Kalakaar Colony. Since we are more than 7 bloggers, it may happen that our two bloggers will post on the same day( with prior continuity of story) I hope this is not against rules of game.

  5. (Team Inspirati) Ok, Arvind Passey’s clarification confused me a little. I thought we were supposed to write just the story and if 7 of us are writing then automatically the team qualifies. Didn’t know we had to blog daily IN ADDITION to the story.

    Another question- Do we have to finish the story before the deadline or will it keep going even in the subsequent weeks?

  6. @Abhyudaya, One member of your team has to blog everyday as a requirement and 10 blogposts (stories) has to be ready in 6 days.

    Ideally if you leave it open ended, it can help you in the later stages. 🙂

  7. hey BA how about sharing the names of different teams and their members??? Could you do that?

  8. @Team BlogAdda:

    Just FYI a blogger knows that he should check FAQs before throwing a query, if at all you think there’re actually living neurons inside his head too. So, kindly request you to reply our queries in a manner you expect others to reply you or just write “Not interested to reply” 🙂

    Now the main problematic part which needs to be clarified for the sake of our team—>

    Your original FAQ .pdf file which made us join the league is safely saved in my computer and it says:-

    “3. Do I have to blog daily for the activity?
    Ans. No, you have to write just one blog post per round i.e One blog post per week. ”


    “6. Is there a minimum number of entries to be submitted for a team?
    Ans. Yes, there should be a minimum of 7 blog posts from 7 different bloggers to qualify for the
    next round. Any team submitting less than 7 blog posts will be DISQUALIFIED. ”

    There’s no mention of “One blog post per day from the team is mandatory” which you’ve included in your new FAQ document.

    So, how are we mortals are suppose to know of your internal corrections? Can we expect it to be sorted out on our favor? Waiting for your reply 🙂

  9. We are Tete-A-Ten – ten bloggers one dream.

    BA folks. Just a suggestion : please upload a fresh and final set of FAQ.
    Communication being a challenge for all teams,it might make sense to have 7 different posts on final submission day.
    It gives flexibility to bloggers who have genuine difficulty in adhering to a team roster. (for ex.Some can make it on a sunday while some can make it on monday ) – some work schdules do not permit a fixed delivery date.

    However,if we submit 7 or more unique posts per team on final submission day – it just might get a bit more interesting.
    Like I said, just a thought. If not possible, then happy to follow the prescription.

  10. Ok Team, some requests from team #Inspirati-

    1. This new rule of one post per day is slightly taxing on our creativity. The older rule of “in total minimum 7 posts” was better. We had thought that we will discuss a lot and then write our parts together and post at once instead of one per day. I did post one bloglink today (see above) but it was not about the contest. Please tell me that it’s fine.

    2. Please mention the word limit per post so that I know how much to assign to one person.


    Much love!

  11. @Abhyudaya We understand your point but in order to keep the activity and fun live we want 1 blog post per week. There is only minimum word limit of 300 words and no maximum word limit. So let your creativity flow.

  12. Team Inspirati’s story has begun and we promise to take your breath away.

    Episode 1- by Sharanya Bhattacharya.

    Episode 2 will be coming today itself.

    One more question- Individual team members are supposed to submit their own posts or the team leader/ point of contact is supposed to submit all 10 (or at least 7) links on the team’s behalf? I read the FAQ but it was confusing. Please clarify.

  13. chapter six from Maximus Dramaticus
    “Dreary Disappearances”

  14. Blogadda Team,
    I have sent a query over the email aswell…
    We have 3 members backing out on the very last day
    We have already posted 7 posts and thus we are not left with any member to be able to post today – does this mean disqualification??

    Please respond ASAP and assign new members

  15. Week 1 ends today.

    A few questions…

    1. When does Week 2 start?
    2. Will there be a separate set of instructions for Week 2?
    3. Is the story of Week 1 to be continued in Week 2?
    4. Do the teams remain the same?

    Waiting for answers from Team Blogadda.

  16. Proud to announce that Team Inspirati is through to the next round in the Game of Blogs. Congratulations to all those who made it. Tough luck to all those who couldn’t. I know a lot many things go into a team contest than mere talent.

    All the best to all of you!

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