Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 9, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHello fellas? Hope you are enjoying the month of September. We would love to make it fun filled and exciting. We have some awesome activities and games starting this week, designed especially for you to #CelebrateBlogging. Meanwhile, check out this week’s most creative blog posts and get inspired to write one of your own 🙂


  • WhoMegha  
    WhatLOVEly Tales
    Tangy: The latest chapter from My Little Writing Project entails a twisted tale of love which leaves a daunting question in the minds of the readers “Can you fall in love with two people at the same time? If yes, is the intensity of feelings for both of them is the same? Read More to end your curiosity.

  • WhoBinu Thomas 
    WhatSir Ian Botham on IPL and my counter-arguments
    Tangy: Interesting read for all you sports enthusiasts comprising of the author’s viewpoints on Sir Ian Botham’s concerns over the evolution of IPL and its after effects. The author has been fairly successful in countering Botham’s allegations and has suggested valuable solutions to the problems associated with IPL.

  • Who: Saru Singhal
    WhatShe Inspires Many Canaries
    Tangy: Author’s friend lost her husband in a car accident on her birthday when she was pregnant. She delivered a baby girl. It fills author with pride and happiness that she despite of her problems worked hard.

  • Who:  Himani Chaudhry
    Tangy: This is a nice poem based on the theme -busyness in our lives. Do read to enjoy.

  • Who: Vidya Subramanian
    WhatWords from my Heart and Head
    Tangy: This poem portrays typical approach of Indians towards girls when it comes to marriage. How girl’s wish is of no importance for it. The best thing this poem highlights is how the girl’s mother rejects a so called perfect proposal for her daughter’s happiness.

  • Who: Sindhu
    Tangy: The author’s narrative on a bad day which went even worse as the day unfolded. As they say everything happens for good, the author gets some good returns out of the day. Read more to empathize with the author’s plight.

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