Private India

August has a lot of holidays coming up. Why not spend them by reading some awesome books? Today, we have a crossword best seller and for the first time two master storytellers come together which will chill your senses. Ready?


Innocent people – who are seemingly unconnected – are getting murdered swiftly, brutally and professionally in Mumbai – the city that dreams but never sleeps. Santosh Wagh, head of the Indian wing of the best investigation agency – Private India, rolls up his sleeves and gets downs to work. What follows next is the series of blood-churning incidents, revelations and more murders! Don’t you want to know what happens next?

For the first time, 2 master-storytellers – Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson- have come together to give you the ultimate page turner! Sanghi, who is also known as the Indian Dan Brown, has churned out bestsellers like Chanakya’s Chant and Krishna Key. This time, he has partnered with America’s ultimate mystery-teller who has sold more than 300 million copies of his book. So, here is a chance to join this race against time. Here is a chance to review this bestseller. We are giving away 250 autographed copies!

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  1. I was short listed but haven’t received the book yet. Admin kindly look into the matter. Have also emailed you regarding the same. Please let me know.

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