Living it up the Zest way!

Somebody wise has rightly said, “True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the Zest of creating things new.” We, at BlogAdda, believe exactly in this adage. Zest for life could sometimes be described as the lust for life, the mad need to make every day different and to make every moment count. With the #ZestUpYourLife event in Goa, Tata Motors (one of the biggest auto company in India) and we tried to capture the same spirit of joie de vivre!

Zest Bloggers Meet

So, when Tata Motors associated themselves with us for ​#ZestUpYourLife​, little did we know that we would take up the Blogosphere and the social media world by storm. The Zest story, for us, started with a small informal huddle with the team where we sat over the table, throwing ideas at each other on what Zest meant to us. What Zest really means and how do we get you to experience it, under one roof, on one platform while making ‘The Experience’ very unique for each one of you. You flooded us with some amazing blogposts and then, came the highlight of the show – The Bloggers’ Meet along the pristine white Goan sands.

We had a huge responsibility of giving 50 of you ​an​ experience which you will never forget. Did we succeed in that? Well, we are still reeling from the all the praise you showered on us with cakes, bouquets, cards and mentions on the Twitter. You sure know how to make us feel special, flushed, warm, teary eyed and well, mushy! Suddenly then all the overtimes, sleepless nights, last-minute rush and hustle and bustle – that went into planning and executing this event – felt rewarded. Thank You.


Thank You!

Do you know what we achieved during the weekend in Goa? An everlasting memory of smiles from each one of the amazing bloggers present there.  Let’s make this a habit now. Who is in for a next meet? Do we hear a Yes?

8 Replies to “Living it up the Zest way!”

  1. A big YES for the next meet. And do I hear that you’re going to invite lesser mortals like me this time, so every blogger feels special (not just the self-proclaimed Top 50).

  2. It was an experience to remember! I say a big YES to the next meet 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful event, Blog Adda!

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