Spicy Saturday Picks – May 10, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayBloggers, we bring your way amazing opportunities to win! You can check our #KannaKeepCalm & #MyRoleModel Activities, blog and win all the super awesome prizes 🙂 Presenting to you, the Spicy Saturday Picks for this weekend consisting of good Indian blogs to read.

    • Who: Shailaja V
      What: A little understanding
      Spicy: Shailaja writes a wonderful poem about how there are times in our lives when all we actually need is for people to be understanding what we’re going through!

      What: Top reasons for BLOG FAILURE
      Spicy: Sanjit says blogging today has become an important medium! However, there are quite a few blogs that fail and don’t do well. In this post, he tells us the main reasons according to him as to why blogs fail to make a mark.

    • Who: Dr. Abhyudaya Shrivastava
      What: Reading Faces
      Spicy: Abhyudaya writes a post which everybody will relate to! He talks about how you view and perceive the faces of people. It is an interesting write up to read!

    • Who: Namrata M
      What: The Eternal Quest
      Spicy: Namrata writes a story that is sure to touch your heart. ‘..the torn curtains imitating her torn soul and those bare shelves screaming about her bare existence.’ – her words just flow effortlessly. This one’s a must read!

    • Who: Tanuja Chandra
      What: And we succeed
      Spicy: Tanuja’s is an inspiring story indeed! She talks about her commitment to her mother as well as to her students! We all face tough situations in our life but it is important to give your best and not fall back on any of your commitments.

    • Who: Christopher R DSouza
      Spicy: Christopher writes an extremely fun post about nursery rhymes and how all of them mean things you would surely not want to recite to your child!

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