Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 13, 2014.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! So the elections have ended and all the news channels are up with their exit poll predictions. Do you have any particular views about the same? Do tell us! Presenting to you the Tangy Tuesday Picks for the week consisting of good Indian blogs to read.

    • Who: Devang Pathak
      What: They Didn’t Care
      Tangy: Devang writes an amazing poem about two lovers and how the two fill each other’s world with so much happiness that they care about absolutely nothing else!

    • Who: Renuka Singh
      What: Solo Travel – 10 Tips For A Smooth Trip
      Tangy: There’s a different joy and excitement in travelling alone! Renuka in her post gives a few important tips to make sure you enjoy you remain safe and enjoy your solo travel.

    • Who: Shruti Fatehpuria
      What: Let Go
      Tangy: Shruti writes a brilliant poem about how it becomes of utmost importance in one’s life to let go of the people and things that cause pain. It is difficult, no doubt but it is something one should do for their own happiness.

    • Who: Jyotsna Bhatia
      What: Quarantined
      Tangy: Jyotsna writes a hard hitting post about our so-called modern society today! Widows are ill-treated in society because many people have baseless beliefs about them bringing bad luck in the lives of other people.

    • Who: Red Handed
      What: SAYING BYE A LOT !!!
      Tangy: Here’s a post that each one of you will absolutely relate to! Entire families standing at the door waving goodbyes to the visitors who are leaving is something we’ve all done. A post that is sure to leave you in splits. This one’s a must-read!

    • Who: Karan
      Tangy: Karan writes an awesome poem dedicated to his mother! A mother is one’s source of unconditional love always 🙂

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