BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Sep. 15, ’12

Spicy Saturday‘Oye, it’s Saturday.’  No, no. Don’t look so amused and confused. Farhan Akhtar is not coming up with another chat show. It is Saturday; the most awaited day of the week. 😛  To make your weekend merrier, presenting you this week’s best blog posts curated by our Premium BloggerPurba Ray‘. Read now.

    • Who: Mommy Gyaan
      What: Child safe and Kid friendly web browsers
      Spicy: The sight of a 3-year-old, effortlessly navigating the world wide web is no longer an uncommon sight. Read this informative post to find out about kid friendly browsers and child safe search engines and make the Internet an enriching experience for your little munchkin!

    • Who: Sudha Ganapathi 
      What: The Stolen Coffee Room
      Spicy: Sudha steps inside another world, another place. A place best described as ‘someplace’ . As you read this post, you can almost inhale the seductive aroma of freshly brewed coffee and grilled sandwiches. If you strain your ears, you will be able to hear the laughter, the soft music and caress the bookshelf that creaks under the weight of untold stories. A delightful read that fills you with a warm glow.

    • Who:  Suresh
      WhatA predictive letter?
      Spicy: What if you could time travel to the future and give some sane advice to a confused-as-hell and bored-to-death, school going you? Suresh does precisely that and writes himself a mail from the future.

    • Who: Pree Basu
      What: Herb, Cheese & Garlic-Baked Cauliflower
      Spicy: Has your family threatened you with Harakiri if you serve them aloo gobhi/gobhi mutter one more time? In this absolutely lip-smacking recipe, Pree tells you the wonders you can do with the humble cauliflower. Why don’t you try this recipe for dinner tonight and impress your family?

    • WhoAnisha Nair
      WhatThe Vase Full of Sand
      Spicy: Anisha, with beauty of words, narrates a wonderful tale of vase in which she unconsciously stored all her feelings and emotions. In what way the vase changed her life, this post has it all. Read to know what kind of happiness the sunshine brought to the writer every morning. 🙂 🙂

    • WhoSunita Rajwade
      What: The Curse of the Public School Head Girl
      Spicy: Sunita calls Public schools as one of the legacies of the British Raj.  The writer confesses that one of the hall marks of such schools is the distinct nurturing of inequality by recognising and encouraging the children to put in their best. In this post, the writer also explains why the head girls of several public schools completely go hay wire during their days in University. So, are you ready to read something different?

    • Who: Himani Agarwal
      What: Bitten by Technology Bug???
      Spicy: The ‘contact’ list in our Facebook profile or other social media is now the synonym for ‘life’. Advancement in technology has done wonders; the world has come closer. But, frankly speaking, it has also ruined our life to some extent. Internet era has sidelined emotions. Himani has decided that she won’t get infected by these technology bugs any more. How is that going to happen? Is it possible to disconnect all the wireless viruses and live a life like humans and not machines? Let’s find out in this post.

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