BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Sep. 8, ’12

Spicy SaturdayThe week that went by had a lot of interesting things. In case you missed it, there are workshops, guests posts, contests, interviews and lots more that you should not miss reading. But before that, read the best from the Indian bloggers. This week, our Premium Blogger Rekha picks up two of her favorite posts. Do check it out.

    • Who: Ayushi
      What: Where Beauty is a Myth
      Spicy: A marriage proposal for a girl been rejected because of her skin colour- all these are few examples of our obsession with fair skin. A touching story of modern day India, where main criteria for judging beauty is still her skin colour. This post has been picked up by Rekha.

    • Who: Farida Rizwan
      What: What Do We Want From Our Children? II
      Spicy:  In today’s world when every parent wants their kids to be all rounder and want to fulfil their dreams through them. This courageous mother realised that her son’s happiness and contentment was more important than the ambition of having an all around performer. This post has been picked up by Rekha.

    • Who: Reshmy Pillai
      What: Of Serpents, Sacredness and Stories
      Spicy: Kerala is indeed a beautiful place. Reshmy recently visited this state and the trip rather turned out to be a religious, temple-visiting endeavour. In this post, she speaks about the similarity she noticed in all the temples she visited there. Are you curious to know what all she discovered? Then you should certainly read this post and enjoy the experience of virtually travelling to this wonderful land.

    • Who: Genesia Alves
      What: The minute I saw your face…
      Spicy: A baby enters your life and everything around you changes. If you wish to see a happiest woman in the world, go see a mother who has just delieverd a baby. The smile on her face is priceless. Though this is a fun post, Genesia very proudly shares her experience, the pain a woman goes through in those uncomforatble nine months but she also says that nothing matches the joy of holding a new born in your arms who entered your life just to make it more happier. Read this lovely, merry post and we are sure all you will be saying is ‘awwiee’ 🙂

    • Who: Probad
      What: The courtyard of my Mind
      Spicy: Human brain never stops thinking. We have constant flow of thoughts bombarding our mind. Probad speaks his heart out in this poem. Read this wonderful usage of words by the writer and get lost in your own imaginary world of thoughts

    • Who: Sidvee
      What:Tendulkar and the retirement question
      Spicy: : Is it now time for Little Master to say good bye to his cricketing career? Many think that the genius should end his career gracefully now. What do you think? All those Sachin fans over there, are you mentally prepared to watch team India play a cricket match without the guidances and support of the Master Blaster? In this post, Sidvee presents his views on Sachin’s retirement and he also welcomes any kind of disagreement to extend the debate further.

    • Who: MonaThais
      What: My world of small big things
      Spicy: ‘Her Highness’! The entire kingdom uttered just these words, for no one had any clue of what they were about to witness soon. In this tale, Mona narrates a elaborate description of a Queen who has a mission to accomplish. To know what it could be, read this awesome characterization by the author; subtle yet intelligent, and we are sure that it is definitely going to mesmerize you.

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