What Has Been Your Most Memorable Online Shopping Experience?

โ€œWhen you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – says Paulo Coelho and we agree. After all, easy shopping experience has been one of the most coveted desires of mankind- where there are lots of options to choose from, but is easy and not tiring! And voila, God did hear us; we were introduced to the wonderful concept of โ€˜online shopping‘.

We think, no one can deny how online shopping has indeed changed the way we โ€˜shop till we drop‘ (now we never drop, only the bank balance steadily does so! :P). No more long checkout lines, no more waiting in front of trial rooms, no more aching feet and yes, even the wallet doesn’t feel โ€œusedโ€ (well, doesn’t โ€˜feel’ used we said, we didn’t say anything about usage! :P). The best part are the never ending offers, the year long discounts, the ability to compare prices, products across a varied array of aisles, and never feel tired and burnt out.

Now, if you want to point out the follies of online shopping, well let us tell you right at the outset that we are stoic and biased followers of retail therapy and thus, always want to remember the smile it spreads everytime we religiously follow it.

We are sure that you too have a lot of stories to share about such smiles. Don’t we tell you over and over again that we love your stories? So, tell us about your favourite online shopping experience and guess what you stand to win? Yes yes, you got it right – a chance to shop more from Snapdeal.com! Ain’t that cool – a favourite shopping โ€˜click’ will open doors to more exciting one’s!

So, what are you waiting for. Just sit back and remember the time when you opened that parcel you had long awaited and it still brings a smile on your face. After you have basked in the memory, just blog about it and let us know.

Shopping always pays and when you are with BlogAdda, we insist to make an arrangement so that you don’t have to pay! Just blog, win and shop from Snapdeal.com – it can’t get more simple and wishful!

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84 Replies to “What Has Been Your Most Memorable Online Shopping Experience?”

  1. I am a huge fan of online shopping, I mean almost an addict now..It all started 2 years ago with my first ever online shopping experience though if I compare now it was not the best shopping experience but yes it was extremely thrilling for me. I use alot of online shopping portals like Inkfruit, snapdeal, myntra, urbantouch, ebay, babyoye, yebhi, zovi, flipcart…but my most favorite portal has been Jabong.com after snapdeal. I recently did a blogpost aswell for my shopping experience and it is my favorite and most memorable because it was the first time my mother did online shopping so its very special for me..you would know if you read the blog post..here! http://crazylifeofjasmine.blogspot.in/2012/08/say-yay-to-jabongcom.html

  2. I started out with great trepidation buying a hard disk. By and by, the amounts I spent on online shopping increased. I bought my TV, multiple laptops, cameras and everything electronic online. Ebooks are my all-time favorite online shopping items.

  3. I shop frequently online as I am a shopaholic. Itโ€™s an overwhelming experience for me.at first I was afraid to buy online as there are lot of spams in the internet. But now I am a happy customer.in fact my online shopping experience started with snapdeal.i love various sites like flip kart, myntra, snap deal, eBay, jabong etc.
    I think the shopping bug has bitten me badly!!
    I have been busy in the past with several works and was completely off the online world, up until recently when I became active again.
    I wanted to buy a handbag and I searched various sites but I liked none of them. Then recently I saw a Facebook post of snap deal where it was given that they are sending handbags across India in just one day!’
    I was so excited and when I browsed through their collection everything was lovely. I was confused on what to buy. I wanted to purchase more than one.
    Products from many retailers all under one site, perfect for comparison price shopping! There were jaw drooping deals really
    I ordered a red cappuccino handbag! Apart from it there were discounts and shopping rewards. I got Rs 100 off through the loyalty programme started by snap deal.
    Someone rang the bell next day evening and there was a fellow with a parcel and he asked if I am Iswarya and he checked my ID and handed over the parcel and before I could reach my pocket for a tip (which I normally do), he fled off the scene screaming “mam, I have got lot of workโ€.
    The handbag was perfect.no complaints were there.
    Short and simple, I had yet another great deal and pleasant experience from snap deal!

    Kudos to snap deal and its team

    This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com

  4. One day I got a mail which caught my attention “100 rupees off on a puchase for rupees 100 or more than that” from flipkart as part of promotional stint I guess. This was 3 yrs back. Online shopping has not got much of market share then and I had never brought anything through online shopping. I thought 100 rupees is not a big deal and went on to flipkart.com and while browsing for books ( I am avid reader), I saw ‘LOVE STORY by Eric Segal’ is just for 120 rupees and with the discount coupon I had, I got it for just… 20 rupees. I was overwhelmed with joy this could be the perfect gift for my valentine. from that day onwards, I browse through most of the popular online shopping sites like snapdeal, flipkart, yebhi, jabong etc.. daily. I brought too many books and clothes through online shopping.

  5. The most memorable shopping experience was with an online site where i could finally find the back cover for my Sony tab. I must have searched a dozen sites and finally zeroed on this one.. I desperately wanted to gift it to myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ for my birthday…. the best part was to receive it right on my birthday on 8th Nov… (though unplanned, the website/dealer actually suprised and made my day !!! )

  6. This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com
    I was looking for ankle support with a strap in Bangalore. None of the medical stores in whole of Bangalore has them. So, I started searching online and found them online in Snapdeal. To add to my happiness there is a discount available and also CASH ON DELIVERY option. Their super fast delivery made me to get the product in less than 3 days.

  7. This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com….
    two months ago I want new tablet..which is almost unavailable in market..but one day my grandfather came to me and we were discussing about that tablet..then suddenly grand pa is laughing..and said you are not today guy…i say why? then he said..do online shopping beta..i think little about that..then I search on internet availableness of that table…i feel very good when I saw that my favorite table..in flipkart..site and snapdeal site also..then I fastly order that tablet I also see that their is cash on delivery option which awesome because it give satisfaction to customer..and secure shopping….from then I only do online shopping mainly..i also purchase speakers from snapdeal which have least price among all website..really I impressed from online shopping..and also from delivery process..really I don’t do any hard work..any efforts to buy such things which have short availablity..and I gave also big jhappi to my grand pa..which make my shopping very easy…love u..grand pa..:):):):):)…

  8. This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com.

    I had just joined my college 1700km away from home…., my college provided free wifi facility so all other students were using internet in their laptops, playing games etc….. my professor also uploaded all study materials on internet….. but I was not having the laptop for which I felt very sad… I was actually in need of that, how long each day I could borrow it from my friends…. my college too is located far away from city….and we cannot get permission to go out far away from our college so easily…. so I even could not buy that from a shop… at that time one of my friend told me that why don’t you buy laptop online… then I searched for various online stores to buy a laptop. After searching a lot it was the SNAP DEALS which offered best price and other facilities at lowest price….. I purchased a HP pavilion g6 laptop from SNAPDEALS……when it came to my hostel….I was so happy that I could not express my happiness, my satisfaction…..Now I too use a laptop for studying online, social networking, playing games, listening music…and much more……. A great thanx to SNAPDEALS……….:)

  9. Contest link – This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com.

    (This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com)

    My blog entry –

    I have always been tech savvy in many ways, like I prefer online banking, online booking of movie tickets, e-conferencing etc but shopping online was a big ‘NO’ until a few months ago. I was always sceptical as I had questions about the product packaging, what if there was an in-transit damage or what if the product was not new and accessories were missing from the box, then how would I go about it etc.

    I would have still gone about my normal way of shopping, until one day my mobile phone conked out completely and I was left stranded without a phone! So, I went about shopping to some of the stores for some of the mobile phone brands I had in mind, but found them too expensive and each progressing mobile store I went to was asking more for the product if not less. Also the problem was that none of the sales people could give me a complete rundown of the product and some of them just showed me the box without letting me see the product.

    Then, I said to myself, “Enough of it!” and I decided to randomly run a search on the internet for the brand and model number of the product I was looking for. And guess what in the search results…I even found a deal in SnapDeal when it came first on the list offering 55% off on that product, I was but obviously astonished! On SD’s website, I also read the detailed product description and the zoom in product option to have a good look at the product I was soon going to buy.

    I had finalized on snapdeal because it was offering me the option to –

    – Firstly, know my product well through the detailed description.
    – Secondly, I knew what accessories were coming in the box.
    – Thirdly, they had a COD (Cash on Delivery) option available, so I was all the more convinced.
    – Fourth and the most important, SnapDeal had a policy of returning the product if it was found to be defective. So the above addressed all my concerns.

    And last but not the least, the mobile phone had a whopping 55% off and there were no hidden charges whatsoever! So, it was unexpectedly well below my budget as I was going to make a saving…I was simply thrilled!

    It took me three days to decide on buying the product, but on the day I decided to do so sadly it was out of stock! I realized that on SnapDeal, you had to snap the products right away since the deals are so tempting and with the millions of buyers waiting to buy SD deals…there was simply no time to think whatsoever! I will remember it the next time I make a purchase on snapdeal.

    Since, the need of a mobilephone was pressing, hence I couldn’t wait any longer so I had to choose another portal to buy it, though the deal was not as fabulous as SD and it took longer than the estimated time to be delivered…but I will always cherish my first online shopping experience and recollect how I nearly missed out shopping on SnapDeal!

    The mobile phone came in perfect order and serves my purpose well! I’m glad to join in the brigade of e-shoppers!

    Thank you SnapDeal for initiating it!
    Sonaal Pannu

  10. This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com

    SMART way of shopping has been transformed by the snapdeal!
    Every one’s shopping destiny is just SD.
    The innovative way for shopping in India:
    > Instead of bargain just used coupon code’s to get great discount and own your wish products with loyalty, honesty and genuinity.
    > MONEY – YOU CAN PAY With your own convienent choice via EMI Schemes, SD Card, Credit Card, On Delivery, Net Banking, Debit Card – ‘WOW!’ Customer choice for payment
    > Latest, tredy product avaiable with lots of genuine brands and offers.
    > Awesome, packing of product with free delivery without any condition, if you purchase lowest to lowest still free – ‘AWESOME’ based on Customers need & requirement they can buy no need to stock the product.
    > Best price for any product.
    > Fast Delivery, Prompt Service.
    > Inovative offers and Unbelievable scheme ever seen.
    > Incredible way for promte the brand like this blog. – ‘SD presence awareness’
    > If product found unsatisfactory or uncomfortable SD will arrange the reverse pick in short duration – ‘COMMITED’ dedicated and Serious for true customer service

    This is why SD won the heart of customers and I am one of them. Just wana say this ‘Keep going on SMART SD’. This is the my personal experience, SMART way of shopping.
    I am the SD guy ! Are you wana be part of this innovation shopping ! Try IT Enjoy IT Love IT LIKE IT SD.

  11. This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com.

    I love shopping online as I don’t have to walk around some stupid mall which is usually crowded looking for what I want, asking for the size, color etc that I want and waiting in long lines for the billing taking my card waiting for the receipt waiting for packing and again waiting for the security to seal it delivered/verified or some and again waiting to get my bag that I kept in the baggage counter. Airport security feel so easier than this.

    Online shopping is time saving, money saving because you don’t have to drive, pay for parking, and healthy as when going to malls you go with friends buy
    a lots of things to eat, go to every new shop you find and all your friends have different tastes; you don’t feel hungry when in front of a computer.

    With online shopping I never forget to buy anything, the stores are open 24/7. You find great deals. Remind me of special occasions. And When there is nothing to do online I usually open Snapdeal and look for somethings that I might need or gift my friends. And most of the time I simply browse through and find something and I will go “this will look great in my room” or “i was looking for this the entire time” and shop it.

    With Snapdeal the price is always low, great quality products, fast and reliable shipping with Bluedart, hassle free and best customer care. The payment is easy with lots of options, COD is also great. Wide variety of products. And one more thing i think Snapdeal is the only online shopping service that gives free delivery without any conditions or cash limit.

    It always brings a smile on my face when the Bluedart calls me saying “you have a package from Snapdeal”.

    Most of the time I buy things I usually don’t need just for the love of online shopping. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Online shopping is simply awesome!!! of course u have advantages as well as disadvantages.
    but its important to notice that u have more advantages.

    1. Easy to buy (sit @ home and place the order)
    2. More options to explore
    3. Compare prices and decide where to buy
    4. Advertisement (from sellers perspective)

    1. Difficult to decide whether to buy or not (Especially w.r.t Clothes and footware, co’z unless u try n c, u wil not get a clear idea)
    2. Security issue (especially if itโ€™s a unsecured site, co’z u use ur credit card)

    but despite some disadvantages… i really love to shop online… and ofcourse does lot of online shopping…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com


    My most memorable shopping experience was my first online buy. I was initially skeptical about buying online because firstly I didn’t have a credit card and secondly I had heard rumours about frauds, scams, faulty products etc. I think online shopping had just not been in my psyche till then. Although I didn’t want to shop online, the funny ad of Yamraj trading a life for special deal was engrossed in my memory for a long time.

    A few months ago I lost my data owing to a hard drive failure. My tech savvy brother told me to buy a pen drive and keep regular backups of important files on it. And so I went out for a Transcend (I knew only this company!) pen drive that I had heard was very good. Although I saw many models and various capacities in shops, I didn’t find a cost effective and secondly a white colour pen-drive. I have a fondness of white colour I guess. Few days passed and I had fed up on my foolish search for a white model.

    Then one friday afternoon I thought about the Yamraaj Ad and quickly went online just to have a look. I didn’t remember the website name from that Ad, so I typed ‘online shopping india yamraj ad’ and I found the website (snapdeal). So went on snapdeal and searched for the pen drive. I had found the white pen drive but the joy was limited as I was still skeptical.

    More surfing revealed that COD (cash on delivery was available) was available and also found a discount! So I decided to have a go as price wasn’t very high, so even if something went wrong, loss wouldn’t be too much. So I registered on the site and was pleasantly surprised to fine a Rs 50 gift waiting for my first buy in form of SD Cash.
    Discounts. More Discounts!! Was loving it even more now.

    Finally ordered the pen drive and although it was estimated 5 days, the bell rang on Monday afternoon. It’s hard to express my joy when I held the package and opened it carefully and found the neat package of my much desired white pen drive. All bright, shiny, new. Connected onto USB and was up and running in no time.

    What I couldn’t find from shop to shop, I got that from my confines of home, delivered right at the doorstep and with discounts and bill and warranty.

    Although it was one of the most simplest and inexpensive buys, but it was my first online buy and the most memorable one for me. The whole experience was great and changed my perceptions about online buying. From then on, I have had many online buys and even if I buy from a shop, I do have a look online before buying.

  14. This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com
    I am a big shopoholic I shop online every month almost everything pens,clothes,stationery,groceries,lifestyle and healthcare products,but after even after shopping with with snapdeal for 12 times my experience has been wonderful with prompt deliveries and really low prices for genuine products and more over FREE SHIPPING.

  15. Important Note: The entried have to be posted on your blog. Any entry posted here in the form of comments or via FB comments will not be eligible. Remember, to be eligible for the prizes, your entry has to be posted on your blog.

  16. My best shopping experience happened last year a day before my sons 4th birthday, he had been asking for a Doremon theme party with a life size doremon dummy man in the party, we were not able to arrange any one for the same, then someone suggested us to buy a costume and do it ourselves..so i and my husband started scouting the net for the costume in our size but no luck…then somehow we found a kids party website who delivered costumes also..Just 4 days were left for the birthday so, we booked the costume and added a special note for a fast delivery, And to my surprise it got delivered in 2 days. So the night before my sons birthday once he was asleep we decorated the room and in the morning my hubby wore the costume, it was just perfect!! The look on my sons face when he woke up on his birthday was priceless <3 He still asks his dad to wear the costume and play with with..I never knew that online shopping could leave memories for a lifetime..And yes the party was just as he had wanted <3

  17. This post is a part of the contest at BlogAdda.com in association with Snapdeal.com

    My most memorable online shopping experience is strontium pendrive from SNAPDEAL.COM , I received the pendrive within 3 days, but after receiving the pendrive i found that the pendrive is not working, after two days i made a call to snapdeal custome care number, the customer care representative registered a callback request and called me on the next day, after confirming the address they booked a pick up request for me to refund the money. after 14-15 days i got a cheque of the full amount of the order money,
    I was very much pleased with that experience .
    I thanks snapdeal for this..

  18. My most memorable online shopping experience:


    This was a post written by me a while ago. While it may not suit exactly for the contest here as it was not a positive experience , I am still submitting it only because it is my most memorable shopping experience and the experience brought a smile on my face. Moreover, I have not stopped shopping online despite the experience.


  19. After a long gap, I’m writing for BlogAdda! Thanks to BlogAdd for hosting this contest in association with snapdeal.com, which helped to share a memorable sweet incident happened in my life!

    Here is my entry for BlogAdda, A Memorable Online Shopping Experience

    Someone is Special

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