BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug 21, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksA lot of interesting things are lined up this week for you. There are two writing workshops happening in Delhi and Bangalore. Also for all those who are interesting in music, we have exclusive invites for you. So what are you waiting for, plan your week today and make the best use of it. Not before reading the Tangy Tuesday Picks though. 😉

    • Who: Peppy Priyam
      What: Working in A Social Media Agency
      Tangy: In this post, the writer gives apt instances and examples which defines the life story of a person associated with social media. Read this intriguing post and giggle a bit since you can totally see yourself playing that role.

    • Who: Unapologetic Confessions
      What: Independence Ahoy!!!
      Tangy: On Independence Day, there were few things that pondered writer’s mind. One thing that he surely believes today is that ‘Change’ is absolutely required in human behaviour and this ‘Change’ should begin with one’s own self. Glance through writer’s intelligent thoughts as he tries to establish himself as a person who befits the preamble and the oath of being an Indian.

    • Who: Nirvana
      What: Customer Service? Huh? What’s that?
      Tangy: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Customer Service’? Nirvana, in this post very wittily discusses the standard behaviour of Customer Service  employees and also narrates a conversation with a front office executive of a hotel she experienced while planning a vacation recently.

    • Who: Rinzu-isms
      What: Of Independence Day and Indian Women
      Tangy: In the post, the writer focuses on the importance of independence in the life of an Indian women and places a valid question that whether an Indian woman is really independent considering the amount of abuse, harassment and torture she comes across on an hourly basis? The author also wishes to know that are these the moral values which we pride ourselves in? Read this post to know the brutal reality that a ‘so-called Independent Indian woman’ faces.

    • Who: Farida Rizwan
      What: What Do We Want From Our Children?
      Tangy: For every parent, their child is special. Their love for children is sky high; their care is unmeasurable. It is same for the writer as well, as she narrates the manner in which her daughter has changed her life. The author had a bitter past but her daughter has always been the pillar of inspiration and motivation for her. Read this touching and ultra caring mother’s relationship with her daughter.

    • Who: Vishal Kataria
      WhatHow Much Has Our Brain Developed…
      Tangy: Vishal subtly describes how a human brain works and by giving some real life examples, he also tells us  how some people were adventurous enough to venture past the lizard brain and build something new. He thinks it is necessary to go past our petty issues which we still dwell on, otherwise our kids will inherit a soulless world. Read this post and get inspired to do something different and relevant.

    • Who: Ashitha
      What: I confess, I am that girl…
      Tangy: If you wish to know what is it like being a girl than you should certainly read this post by Ashitha as she very beautifully puts down varied features of a girl.

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