BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jun 19, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksPascal Mezuier, French diplomat allegedly accused of raping his four-year-old daughter, was arrested in Bangalore on Tuesday. How can someone in their senses even think of raping his four year old daughter? What is the world coming to? It saddens us to read such kind of news in the morning. Wish we get a paper where we get only good things to read. What say? We are sure it would feature the best from the Indian bloggers who come up with wonderful posts everyday. Something like what you are going to read below. 🙂 Read on.

    • Who: Msnarain
      What: Prep yourself for B-school and beyond
      Tangy: Are you an MBA? If yes, then you might agree and laugh over most of the points written here. While the non-MBAs can sit back and thank God that they didn’t take up MBA! 😛 So head over to read the post for today’s dose of laughter.

    • Who: Hemanth
      What: What’s stopping you from writing?
      Tangy: Hemanth here talks about the dearth in Film writing in the Telegu cinema currently. Have you come across any good English writers of the Telegu cinema? Read Hemanth’s article and drop in your views.

    • Who: Deepak Gopalakrishnan for Pagalguy
      What: An Open Letter Comic to Indian Companies
      TangyBefore you rant about the quality of graduates, have a look internally yourself and see whether you provide an atmosphere for them to either better themselves or use their full potential. Here’s an awesome piece of comic created by Deepak aka Chuck Gopal, on the treatment given to graduates by the Indian Companies.

    • Who:Rituparna Ghosh
      WhatChild is the Father of Man
      Tangy: Whatay completely different approach to Father’s Day. Last year Rituparna wrote about her father, and today, she writes about the Father of her child. She shares some incidents and nitty-gritty things of V and A in this post. Must read!

    • Who: Thyagarajan Delli
      WhatThe awkwardness that are called Elevators
      Tangy: Thyagarajan Delli is an observer for sure. Here he pens down his observation of how people behave when they are inside elevators! So the next time you share a journey with him in the lift, you know he is observing you. There, we warned you. 😛 Do read.

    • Who: Bullseye09
      WhatThe Selfless One
      Tangy: Every aspect of a Father’s life is well captured by Rahul in this short yet effective post. A great tribute! Have a look.

    • Who: Deepanjana Pal
      WhatKeeping Us Safe
      Tangy:  In last week’s Spicy, we read two posts which were in defense of Dhoble, and spoke about how we should fight the law, rather than Dhoble, who is just executing the primitive laws. Here’s a post by Deepanjana, that mentions where Dhoble is wrong and gives us some points to ponder as well. Do read and leave your comments.

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