BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 16, ’12

Spicy SaturdayWho will be the next president of India? We don’t think, in our living history have a presidential election attracted so much attention. Political Parties as usual are playing their own games to gain the maximum out of this elections for them. Shifting the focus, let us read what the Indian Bloggers are speaking about this week. Presenting to you the Spicy Saturday Picks for this week.

    • Who: Anil Sharma
      WhatOne Facebook friend.
      Spicy: There’s this one Facebook friend who is online 24/7. There’s one Facebook friend who changes his/her display picture 5 times a day, and chooses the last one to be the only good picture that he/she has. There’s one Facebook friend who always updates his/her status to Shayari’s or the lyrics of a Song. There are many such Facebook friends that we have. Look at this list and strike off the ones that you know of. 🙂

    • Who: Bhavana
      WhatTo you, fOther…
      Spicy: What a sweet post is written by Bhavana here, to her Fother. She calls him Fother, because she sees her mother too in him. 🙂 A very touching post. Have a look.

    • Who: Harini Calamur
      WhatIn Defense of Dhoble ….
      Spicy: Dhoble is the new controversy everybody is talking about in Mumbai. A person, who is said to be responsible for curbing Mumbai’s nightlife. But come to think of it, even if we replace Dhoble, does the law change? True, Dhoble’s statements and perceptions are completely wrong. But will the new ACP not do the things that Dhoble is doing currently? So shouldn’t the fight be against the law? Read Harini’s post where she poses few security and ‘space’ questions. Do let us know here as well if you agree or disagree with her.

    • Who: Mukund Mohan
      WhatHow to deal with startup failure. A personal story
      Spicy: An interesting insight we get by reading this article by Mukund. He shares with us few incidents of failure, wherein he learned from his failure much later. The most important point he mentions is, that one should jot down the learning, and forget the failure immediately. Read on to know more about Mukund and his failure learnings.

    • Who: Nequesta Vhora
      What: All Things Old and Pretty
      Spicy: No one can ever deny the charm that old things have. Be a person, or a non-living thing. Here in this post, we cherish the old India, through Bajaj scooter, half anna coins, and old radio, and many more lovely things. Recommended read. 🙂

    • Who: Sangeeta
      What: What is your relationship with food?
      Spicy: Just wait till you feel hungry, and then wait a little more a few times a week may be, so the body knows what it is. This is a very important top that Sangeeta Khanna gives us through this post, to maintain a good relationship with your Food. 🙂 After all, isn’t it one of the early relationships that you have? 😀

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