BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Aug. 27, ’11

Spicy SaturdayChanakya’s Chant which was a part of our Book Reviews program had a very interesting connect between the history and the present. The book explored a lot of similarities. This week, in our Spicy Saturday picks, we have two posts which go back into history. Read these two posts and other wonderful posts this weekend alongwith hot pakoras and chai.

  • Who : Coconut Chutney
    What : The Boredom Of Ravana
    Spicy : It is proven now that even demons and gods get bored! Boredom – created by humans, but also targets the demon Ravana. Lavanya here tells us how this happened and what did Ravana do, to entertain himself. Surely a fun read.

  • Who : abvankenabiv
    What : Fools rush
    Spicy : Abvankenabi writes a brilliant fiction post. The language that he uses, makes the reader visualise everything that is in the post. Must read for all!

  • Who Purba Ray
    What : The Wrath Of The Feminine
    Spicy : Purba has come up with some interesting relations in this post. She says, that the skewed sex ratio is also touted as one of the factors behind growing social unrest. Wondering how is that possible? Then read what Purba has to say and do let her know if you are in agreement.

  • Who : Kalyan
    What : She – in a stranger tide!
    Spicy : Kalyan introduces to a girl, who he finds walking on the Marina beach, picking up rags. We find a girl like her everywhere, at a traffic signal, in local trains, outside a temple, etc. Kalyan reminds us of the lives that we lead, and that ‘she’ has to live with. Do read this post, and think of what can you do for people like her.

  • Who : Bragadeesh
    What : The Other Guy
    Spicy : A nicely written fiction post by Bragadeesh where you learn, that life is about living happily in remembering the good memories and leaving the bad ones behind. A very inspirational post indeed.

  • Who : Deepika Sahu
    What : Death of a friendship
    Spicy : Deepika Sahu shares with us an incident of her life, of which, death plays an important role. Decipher this post and share your thoughts.

  • Who : Nidhi Bewakoof
    What : CAUTION: Never tell your Friends about your Crushes
    Spicy : The title says it all! 😛 When you tell your friends about your crushes, you are teased by them, they embarrass you in front of your crush, pull your leg endless times, and also give you tips on impressing your crush. This post is all about this. Must read post, written by Nidhi!

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