Perky Tweets – Aug 29, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsDo you think we should name every bout of heavy rains as they do for hurricanes and typhoons? It would be fun. For example the last two days rains would be named as Iravati. πŸ˜› What say? Think and read #perkytweets to drive away your Monday Blues.

Early morning bhajiyas are not good. For the conscience.

Watched RG’s speech he delivered y’day. He still has to synchronize his hand gestures w/ his facial expressions.

Manmohan Singh’s latest reply to Anna : Jab aapne kucch khaya hi nahi toh BILL kis baat ka?

RahulG’s speech was a bit like lecturing someone with a serious gunshot wound on the long term benefits of green vegetables

@AartiMadan stop calling him manmohan.. He is just Mohan singh!! I am yet to see the “MAN” in him, nuff said πŸ˜‰

This is a status on FB: “I am a Masi now. Congratulations Dee and Jij for the wonderful job.” Yea right, wonderful job!

When you know All The #linesthatleadtosex , bhai mere idhar kaiku tem waste karta hai?

Asked evry1. Apparently d only reason people wear underwear, is d fear of someone randomly puling your pants down in public.

Breaking News- ESPN to move all Arsenal Matches to Cartoon Network till they stop playing like kids!! Rofl!

I guess our @Taran_Adarsh’s assistant is already busy writing the review for Bodyguard. Must be up by tomorrow.

That awkward feeling when your dad texts you from the other room to “mind your head and language on twitter”. That.

Is Kamran Akmal the goalkeeper for Arsenal?

At this rate we may just remember #ireneas the storm before the calm.

It must be easy being an HTC designer. You only have to think of how the battery cover of the next phone will look like.

New indian symbols: national animal: Annaconda, national food: anna sambhar, national bird: anna kournikova.

Kejriwal is Anna’s Hanuman? I thought its Arindam Chaudhary as I m sure i had seen his Tail, though it came from wrong side

Was hoping ArindamC would propose a Lokiipmal – Dare to think beyond the Lokpals

We have two houses of Parliament: LOL Sabha and ROFL Sabha.

Kiddo Gandhi being praised by a lady. Adds it is a great acheivement. Absolutely. Imagine he read 5 pages!ROFL.

Finally, the Indian Parliament gives us a new phrase: “Sense of the House” -after 6 decades of nonsense finally sense prevails! #perkytweets

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