BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – May. 24, ’11

Tangy Tuesday Picks10 people, climbing over a wall with a ladder and taking over a naval base with ease. Can it happen? Yes, it can and has happened in our neighbouring country. Now is the time to remember that our neighbours possess nuclear weapons and this incident questions their ability to protect them. Too many things happening in our neighbourhood as Chidambaram say. Mr Chidambaram, why not read what the Indian Bloggers are writing on their blogs in our Tangy Tuesday Picks. 🙂

  • Who Pawan Maruvada
    What : The Truth About God And Why Stephen Hawking’s Wrong About Him
    Tangy : In an interview, Stephen William Hawking said, “A belief that heaven or an afterlife awaits us is a ‘fairy story’ for people afraid of death“. Pawan shares his views on God, death, afterlife and similar things. Also he disagrees with Stephen’s views and counterattacks with his strong relations. Have a read!

  • Who : Vimmuuu
    What : In the name of sports….
    Tangy : Now here’s a guy who confesses his disinterest for cricket. Vimmuuu shares with us his adventures and encounters with this sport and how he took the far end in fielding always. 😛 Long post ahead! Do drop in your views if you had similar experiences.

  • Who : Praveen
    What : The Thrissur pooram experience
    Tangy : Have you heard about Thrissur pooram? It is a Malayali celebration held in the state of Kerala which is of great importance. Praveen witnessed this celebration and shares with us some amazing moments of this auspicious occasion. Do have a look and let him know your views.

  • Who : Giribala Joshi
    What : The Idea Factory
    Tangy : There are some people on earth who constantly innovate new ideas which can save some human effort. Giribala is one such person, who has some brain racking ideas…literally! 😛 Go ahead and read something innovative! 🙂

  • Who Tikuli
    What : Relationship Dysfunction: The All Engulfing Apron Strings And The Parental Guilt Trip
    Tangy : Have you come across a specie of men called ‘mamma’s boy’? Well, if you observe them, you’ll find that they are still attached to their mother with an invisible umbilical cord that doesn’t allow them to be individuals or take individual decisions. Tikuli has spent 20 years living with a similar person and her mother-in-law.

  • Who : The Fake Jhunjhunwala
    What : Progression : A Poem
    Tangy : Indian government, UPA, NDA, Osama, 26/11, Anna Hazare, Singh is King…a poem which has all of this and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Need we say more? 🙂 An extra-ordinary composition by the man himself! Recommended!

  • Who : Sneha Kataria
    What : Being Social to help train Artificial Intelligence – Redefining Social, are we?
    Tangy : Gone are the days when companies used to business only for monetary benefits. In today’s day and age, the companies aim for customer satisfaction too. So the next time you are dissatisfied with the company, don’t just show your back and go away. Give them feedback, suggestions, convey your displeasure over the service or product, answer their survey questions. Sneha explains why you should do this.

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