Perky Tweets – May 23, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsOur trusted sources say that Mohammad Azharuddin is working hard to make a comeback to cricket. The reason behind his return is that, he feels no one is there to represent India in the International Match Fixing Syndicate #fakingnews. Here are some more tweets to make you smile this Monday.

Opposite of Man- chest – r – united ?⁰.⁰.⁰.⁰.⁰Woman – chest- are – divided.

Chetan Sharma finally found his lost brother Balaji πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Board on a lampost in cochin – ” Specialist in Sexually diseases !” Contact …

MMS is visiting Ethiopia & Tanzania tomorrow to understand how we could become like them by 2014.

So, a few of my MI teammates hav decided my new indian name is Davindra Jacobs.. Can’t beat them join them lol πŸ˜€

a recent post-poll survey has revealed that the largestRed bastion in the country is now on Brinda Karat’s forehead.

And I pity the old ladies who go by as *Air Hostess* in Air India! *sigh*”

Baba Ramdev should sit on fast just after having Panchkarma treatment. Flush out whatever you have inside

The time is 11am. Has @FashionAndYou spammed you yet?

Its cheaper to buy a Shanti Sagar than buy a plate of idli wada at the Bangalore Airport.

So I hear there’s a new team called The Real KKR that was formed today in Tihar? #KalmadiKanimozhiRaja

Goose that lays the golden egg, MoneyKozhi

The question is how will America survive those 8 hours without the Indian tech support.

Dominique Strauss-Khan steps down as IMF as they repeatedly rejected his proposal to change the name to MILF.”

Really wish news channels wd think their tickers through. “Rajni’s wife confirms all his organs are working fine.”

Mutual fun experiments are subject to long term risks, read the pregnancy guide carefully before inserting

Award for best actor in reporting role goes to Barkha Dutt ji.

I have so many issues I’m practically a subscription.

You know why nepal doesn’t have the cricket team? Because all of them are night watch man. #perkytweets

mirror mirror on the wall.. What the hell… Who removed the batteries?!!?

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