Perky Tweets – Dec 13, ’10

BlogAdda's perky Tweets‘Who are they to teach us about corruption?’, roared Sonia, this morning. Finally, the silence has been broken. We have 800 more leaked tapes to listen. We guess it is the season of leaks. 🙂 Indian tweets have an awesome sense of humour and they are vindicated by their #perkytweets. Time to laugh this Monday.

What is d opposite of Good Morning? Ans) Monday morning.

@BkChandan @ameycricketer Ponting ko bol do ishant laxman bhaaji cook ek team mein hai. Ye sun ke sidha upar lolzzz

If you wanna know how it feels like walking about a cemetery, Log-in to your Yahoo messenger.

Digvijay Singh; “Just before his death, Don Bradman spoke to me & told that Vinod Kambli was the greatest batsman ever”

Can u guess cindrella’s favourite song? Guess??? – “MALA JAU DYA NA GHARI ATA WAJALE KI BARA

Only in India can a traffic jam involve camels

#perkytweets Winter noticed in mumbai : Mild “radia”tion from Sun detected. . CBI enquiry demanded .

here are just above 3000 tigers in the world. Is the bangladeshi cricket team included in this? #notjustasking #perkytweets

True story from Ahmedabad: At Mocha with friends. Parthiv Patel at table nearby. Someone throws him a muffin. He drops it.

“Is it raining?” “1 sec, let me check facebook/Twitter” 😀

What was the name of the Tamil superhero who would save the world? Iron mani. #perkytweets

I am sure Niira Radia dia-lled and Ra-dia-lled a lot of numbers!

I love Himalayan water #ad, just want some of those green things out of way to see some more of brown. #perkytweets

You are a true programmer when you start using semi-colons to end sentences #PerkyTweets

Ravi Shastri : He got the elevation, not distance. | Even I am in favor of TV censorship.

If GOD is watching us… Where the freaking hell are the CAMERAS??? #PerkyTweets

How to tell an #orkutiya on twitter?Tweets from web

Bright prospects for Dolly Bindra. RT @HeadlinesIndia: Nepal to hold beauty contest for elephants.

Waiting for wife and kids to stop playing farmville so that I can make my presentation for #iss10

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