The Best of The INK conference!

The much talked about INK conference was an amazing journey that BlogAdda experienced. Out of all the controversial debates going currently on in the country, it was refreshing to see, experience and exchange new ideas. We witnessed some of the most see-to-believable form of creativity from around the world at INK. People united at INK to communicate ideas and share stories.

The wonderful different mix of people contributed ultimately to the world through their invention, creation or their good deeds. From music to science, from education to creativity, every industry had something innovative to showcase. All the speakers were awesome in their own right – here are a few of them whom we loved. INK has indeed done a commendable job with true celebration of ideas!

Who : Alexander Tsiaras – Techno Artist
Website : thevisualMD
What we liked : Alexander Tsiaras showed some interestingly developed videos of how a child is developed inside the womb and born. A rather rare piece we have seen. NGO’s should connect with Alexander, since they have a program where they can embed the videos on their websites for free.
Learnings : Complex things are best explained with the help of videos.

Who : Anand Kumar
Website : Super 30
What we liked : The trend setter of ‘Super 30′, is one of the uniquely qualified teacher who qualifies in willpower, sheer perseverance and patience by training many students from the rural and poor background in clearing the Maths entrance test of the Indian Institute of Technology, considered as one of the toughest.
Learnings : Everything can be achieved with sheer perseverance and willpower.

Who : Anita Goel – Nanotech Innovator
Website : Nanobiosym
What we liked : This Nanotech innovator has invented a devise which detects any disease of a person in situ. She is also putting in efforts to build Nanobiosym innovation ecosystem in India to bring in technologies in the emerging market such as India.
Learnings : Innovate something that could be applied to millions and you’ve a winner.

Who : Arvind Gupta – Innovator and Science Educator
Website : Toys from Trash
What we liked : Arvind, IIT graduate, moved out of his truck business to start making toys which made one learn Maths & Physics in a much simpler, enjoyable & inexpensive way in comparison to the regular theoretical one. Only a true visionary could do so.
Learnings : You might not know all that you like, but you must know what you don’t like doing!

Who : Babar Ali – Youngest Headmaster
Website : Hungry to learn across the world
What we liked : At the age of 16, he was the world’s youngest headmaster & until last year delivered a speech in Bengali at TEDIndia. He learnt English and this year was able enough to deliver a speech in English. Wow!
Learnings : Age is not a restriction to do anything.

Who : Derek Sivers –  Musicians entrepreneur
Website : I like to make useful things
What we liked : Derek spoke about failure and overcoming it through his brilliant presentation. He has made his mark in the music industry by changing the way music is sold. A true rockstar!
Learnings : Overcoming failure is the biggest success!

Who : Dinh Thi Hoa – Entrepreneur
Website :
What we liked : She is the idol for entrepreneurs and the sole person behind many successful business. Hoa has a lot of ventures for her country Vietnam from where she was the first one to receive World Bank Scholarship to study in Harvard Business School.
Learnings : Where you come from does not matter if you know where you want to go!

Who : James Cameron – Filmmaker & Inventor
Website : James Cameron Online
What we liked : Cameron is currently exploring the depths of ocean with his camera systems to capture the unseen & deeply buried truths in its bed. He also wishes to make a film in India, if there is enough interest noticed.
Learnings : Think out of the box.

Who : Jennifer Aaker – Social Psychologist
Website : Jennifer L. Aaker
What we liked : Jennifer took up a bone marrow case in the social media and received good help from the channels. This lead to her book ‘The Dragonfly Effect’.
Learnings : Power of Community. Small acts can create infectious action!

Who : John-Henry Harris
Website : Wikipedia Mention
What we liked : John showcases some of the most innovative & creative work out of those bricks. He wants the businesses to broaden their thinking on innovation and to learn from children!
Learnings : In his own words, “Play hard, work better.”

Who : Joi Ito – Internet Entrepreneur
Website : Joi Ito
What we liked : A true internet entrepreneur. He is an early stage investor in many companies and the Chairman of Creative Commons. Joi learnt from his failures and shares how one can learn from his mistakes.
Learnings : Never give up.

Who : Luis Dias – Founder of Child’s play foundation.
Website : Child’s Play India Foundation.
What we liked : Dias is the founder of Child’s Play Foundation. The Foundation teaches classical music to the underprivileged youth in India. Luis is spreading happiness through the strings of music.
Learnings : Music cuts across the culture and binds everyone

Who : Lynda Barry – Cartoonist
Website : Drawn and Quarterly
What we liked : Lynda, a cartoonist, acts out and tells a story. She explains the power of an image to convey a message. Lynda also talks about how visualisation is a powerful tool to narrate something. A true artist!
Learnings : Less is more.

Who : Matt Groening – Cartoonist
Website : Wikipedia Mention
What we liked : The creator of the famous ‘The Simpsons’ shared a story of his father who set an example for persistence. A heartfelt story with great learnings.
Learnings : Patience & Perseverance is the key to success.

Who : Micheal Foley – Product Designer
Website : Micheal Foley
What we liked : Michael has graduated from The National Institute of Design and produces some extra-ordinary urban designs for better lifestyles. His designs are very innovative and out the box.
Learnings : Think innovatively!

Who : Phillipe Stark – Creator
Website : Phillipe Stark Network
What we liked : Starck designs almost everything from lamp shades to sofa sets. His talk was one of the best with his style of saying things as they are! His designs have a unique sense of style and creativity.
Learnings : As he says, “Be good before being beautiful.”

Who : Rives – Poet and Multimedia artist
Website : Rives profile on TED
What we liked : Rives presentations at INK were a good piece of work. He is a ‘performance poet’ who likes to perform his poetries. Rives made everyone laugh at INK. He is also an extremely creative artist who has made pop-up paper an art. Don’t miss his Christmas box being sold on Amazon currently.
Learnings : Humor is the way to survival for making things lighter.

Who : Simon Lewis – Film Producer and Author
Website : Wikipedia Mention
What we liked : Simon is a fighter in his own ways. His world had crashed down after he had severe damages on his body but he fought back for his life and how! The most inspiring and humble person..
Learnings : Believe in the spirit of life.

Who : Raghava KK
Website : Raghava KK
What we liked : Raghava took INK as a blank canvas and drew his imagination on it and took it to a different level in terms with his creativity. Raghava’s introduction of speakers, the way he put up the stage, the corridors, canvases and most of all the images which you see here of each speaker is his work of creation and is indeed a commendable job!
Learnings : Creativity knows no boundaries.

The photos (illustrations) that you see over here are done by Raghava KK.

Wow! INK was an experience. To view photos from the event, visit – we are adding more photos to it over the next two days. Keep visiting. And kudos to Lakshmi Pratury for organising this brilliance!

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