BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Dec. 14 ’10

Tangy Tuesday Picks‘Karunanidhi feels the heat, heads to the hills’ reads the headline in one of the newspapers. Thandi main bhi Garmi ka Ehsaas ho raha hain. πŸ™‚ It is the Raja effect we presume. Do you think Phone tapping is a legal thing to do? Many such questions have been raised by Indian Bloggers and we have the best of them in this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who : Suresh M Iyer
    What : Why do some men rape women?
    Tangy : Suresh in this post says that women rapes in the country are a bigger threat than terrorist attacks since the victim is sidelined from the society generally. What do you think? What are you doing to prevent it? Read this eye opening read!

  • Who : Yasir bin Tayab
    What : Ayodhya Verdict Of Sep 30 And My Daughter
    Tangy : It’s been a long time after Ayodhya verdict and its discussion have done rounds in the country. Refresh those memories and read this blog where Yasir is unhappy with the Indian Judicial System and its verdict which he thinks is not based on facts & evidences. He has many queries so go ahead and try answering them!

  • Who : Naveen Kazak
    What : My Story of a Cinema Going
    Tangy : Our former Notable Newbie Naveen & his friends were very happy when ‘My Name is Khan’ got released, 10 months after the actual release, in China the place where he studies currently. Their world of happiness to watch a Hindi movie came crashing down when they reached the cinema hall. Read his post to know why! πŸ˜‰

  • Who : S.R Ayyangar
    What : Recorded message to voice mail
    Tangy : We all have gone through the situation which Sri Ram is describing in this post. Endless number of calls to customer care, listening to the ‘sweet’ voice of the operator over and over again but the person who solves our problem never comes over! Read on!

  • Who : Mystic
    What : Why do we paint?
    Tangy : It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Mystic is a paint lover and writes the many facets of painting. Why people paint and why does one choose this form of creativity to express themselves, is all what he is writes down in his post with many questions as well. Read ahead to know more!

  • Who : Brajeshwar
    What : A letter to my daughter on her 2nd birthday
    Tangy : Brajeshwar’s daughter Leia is two years old now but unfortunately is not with her on her birthday. He writes down a letter to her in which he is writing down what every father feels and wants to teach his child. A heart touching letter & a recommended read.

  • Who : Bharathi
    What : Celebrations
    Tangy : Remember the days of childhood when we used to feel and be treated special on our birthdays? We still feel the same way and want be treated specially, just that the ways of feeding our ego has changed! Bharathi talks about the changed times here and much more. Discover it in her blog!

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  1. Thank you BIGG BOSS!!… carried away..Thanks Blog Adda! πŸ˜› I urge everyone to read all of these and pour in beautiful comments! πŸ™‚

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