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BlogAdda has always tried to help you in learning the ropes of blogging through our blog writing tips. This time we give you an opportunity to promote your blog on our wall. You now have a chance to promote your blog as effectively as you can. What else could be the best medium to promote your blog than social media? You all must be using your Facebook & Twitter profile to update your readers and friends about your blog. We are now extending your promotion strategy. Tell us on Facebook, what is your blog about and why should one read it. You know the power of words. Pick your most effective words and share with us your blog story on Facebook!

How do you do it:

  •, post on our wall about your blog with your blog URL.
  • Uploading a picture will make your post update look even better!
  • This time there is no single judge. The community will decide which blog they ‘like’ the most.
  • It would be great if you add #promote to differentiate your wall posts with others. 🙂 Bring it on!!
  • The three (3) blogs that are ‘liked’ most by the community members will receive Nishant Kaushik‘s book ‘Romance with Chaos‘, autographed by him!

5 Replies to “Your Blog on our Wall”

  1. This is very good concept.. It will promote our blog to a big extend as well.. Based on what criteria, community members have to like? Blog Template, Contents or the Fav Bloggers or Friends?

    @ BlogAdda: I still didn’t understand on how to participate in Perky Tweets

    And is there any way to receive an update on our mail when a new post is posted here? or via sms in mobile.. I am missing many contests just because of I don’t have time to write and not getting notified on the right time..

    –Someone is Special–

  2. @Someone Thank you for your kind words. The judging is completely entirely on the community. You guys decide which is a good blog/blogger. Coming to #perkytweets. It is very simple. Follow us on twitter and tag your funny tweets as #perkytweets and we do the rest. 🙂 Hope to see you there as well.

    You can subscribe to our blog feeds and our newsletter. We send updates regularly there. If you are on Twitter, follow us or if you are on Facebook, check our page at

  3. Well, I am following BlogAdda right from the day I joined twitter… Sure will participate in #perkytweets hereafter.. I will subscribe to do the rest.. Thanks admin for the quick response. I always owe this place as my first win is here on BlogAdda..

    –Someone is Special–

  4. I am new in this field,but I think this would prove to be a great help in promoting our blog.So, please give us your valuable tips.

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