BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 11, ’10

Spicy SaturdayLast week three young Indians swept the Time Magazine’s first Asian essay competition. Dehradun-born Sarabjit Singh came first in the continent-level essay competition, while the joint runners-up were Gemlyn George from Tamil Nadu, New Delhi’s Rohit Pathak. The writing scene in India is fast growing and making a name for itself not only in essays but also in blogs. Indian bloggers come up with such wonderful posts and it is upto us to keep pushing them and encouraging them. Here are this week’s top blog posts from the Indian Bloggers.

  • Who : Rahul Dash
    What : The leaked document that scares Wikileaks
    Spicy : Wikileaks and Radia tapes are the two most discussed topics right now. Imagine another tapped conversation between Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghavi, Julian Assange, A Raja & Nira Radia, which gets leaked and scares Wikileaks! Inquisitive? Flip over now!

  • Who : KK
    What : An Ovation to Friendship!
    Spicy: What is your definition of friendship? What do you do when your friend goes in bad company or stops listening to you. There is a man who doesn’t stop caring for his friend. A very touching relation bought in light by KK! Read on!

  • Who : Sandhya Iyer
    What : Lonely Eaters Club
    Spicy: How much time in a day do you dedicate to yourself? Yes, yourself! Does it sound that weird or difficult? In the hectic day and life of ours we forget ourselves, our peace, our lonely time. Sandhya has managed to meet herself everyday. Read to see how you can!

  • Who : Fire Crystals
    What : Genesis of a Blog
    Spicy : Fire Crystals has written something which is indeed very different. An account of how her blog was created is beautifully written by her. Check out her post and see of you also want to do the same! 😉

  • Who : Blogger
    What : New women in old marriages
    Spicy : An email sent to IHM has triggered this post by its author where the blogger talks about the evolution of wives in marriages. A great observation! How they were earlier and how they are now; of husbands and in-laws is all discussed in this post. A must read!

  • Who : Anju Gandhi
    What : God- Please help me
    Spicy : We all know there are hundreds of Gods in the Hindu religion. If you believe in all Gods and pray to all, do they (different Gods) get confused? Or you don’t have enough faith on one God? Too many questions and confusions! Answer Anju’s questions in her post!

  • Who : Shilpa Garg
    What : The Extortionists!
    Spicy : If you thought only big businessmen are targeted by extortionists then you are completely wrong. The milder versions are in your day to day life, asking for money every now and then! Read on to find out who are they!

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