BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 23, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksLast week, in our edition of Spicy Saturday Saturday picks, we had some awesome posts. We also had for the first time, a collection of Visual Perky Tweets! All this is to make you smile and stay happy. 🙂 We also have a lot of issues to contend in our day to day life and with the recent incidents involving Indian Media, the future of media has a special place for bloggers. Let us do our best. Here are this week’s best blog posts.

  • Who : Purba Ray
    What : Fall of the Feminine
    Tangy : India is a land where Goddess is worshiped but the girl child is not given any importance. Either she is killed or if she is fortunate enough to live then not given her rightful place in the society. Some of these and other points are raised by Purba. Read this post where she talks about the ‘she’ of our society! Purba was also recently featured in our ‘Notable Newbie’ section on the homepage!

  • Who : Sound Horn Please
    What : Pop Goes the Art: Nidhi Chopra
    Tangy : SHP as always has come up with yet another great artist. Nidhi is an artist who gave all up for her love for art. Discover yourself what she is doing!

  • Who : Shiv
    What : A Bengali on being Bengali
    Tangy : Shiv is sharing with us a write up which was shared to him by a Bengali, Sugata. Sugata resides in Kolkatta and she well describes her love for the place, the culture of Bengali’s and more importantly the people, with her beautiful pictures of the place. Check it out!

  • Who : Harini Calamur
    What : Radia Tapes – Itna Sannata Kyon Hai, Bhai …
    Tangy : Nira Radia is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The recent news is of her tapped phone calls which is out in the media. Harini gives you a summary of what the tape contains and also provides information on where we can listen or read the conversation. Read on!

  • Who : Sowmya
    What : Are you a journalist?
    Tangy : Sowmya is suggesting everyone to choose a niche category to blog on. Why? Because all bloggers are writers; they have the power of words. They have the power to make a difference, however little it is. Read her post where she makes you realize what you bloggers can do!

  • Who : Pritha
    What : Hello, I am Pritha & I am an Alcoholic
    Tangy : Pritha in this post talks about what people go through when they are dealing with any mental stress & how they recover with help of their loved ones. She has gone through that and we appreciate her for the courage that she has shown. Read this post to know more!

  • Who : Varsha
    What : XL to XS ?? Separating Yoga Facts from Fiction.
    Tangy : This post is very helpful for all those who are struggling to shed those extra kilos. Varsha separates myths from facts of Yoga. She also shares her personal experience of exercises. Read a healthy post today! 🙂

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