BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 20, ’10

Spicy SaturdayTapes, scandals, power brokers were the most talked about words this week. Accusations, allegations and conspiracy theories are floating around. What or Who is going to cleanse the system? Reminds us of Chaitanya Kunte, who was served a lawsuit for airing his views. Indian Bloggers have the power to make a difference. Let us do it. Here are the weekend reads to divert your mind off all this frenzy.

  • Who : Suranga Date
    What : Big Boss in the service of the nation
    Spicy : Imagine if Big Boss had Mayawati instead of Dolly Bindra, Lalu Prasad Yadav instead of Manoj Tiwari & Jayalalithaa in place of Pamela Anderson! 😀 This woman in her seventh decade writes down how BB’s house would look like if we had these politicians along with some others! Jump over for a fun read!

  • Who : Aditya Kasavaraju
    What : Headlines Today
    Spicy : While we all are criticizing the Indian Media (of newspapers & news channels), Aditya expresses his views on the online media being almost equally evil consisting of baseless headlines, untrue sources & much more. Do you agree with him? Read his observations of Indian Media and their tactics.

  • Who : Samadrita Kuiti
    What : The other side of the coin
    Spicy : Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself – Leo Tolstoy. With this thought in mind and the learnings in last couple of months, Samadrita, has set forth the other side of human nature which we unconsciously know but never accept. Learn your other side in her post!

  • Who : Crafty Shines
    What : Munnar Memories1
    Spicy : Crafty Shines has written down her beautiful memories of a 7-hour bus ride to Munnar, Kerala. She is said to be like her mother, by her uncle’s and aunt’s, since she is as weird as her mother was :P. Check out this post!

  • Who : Bhavna Bhatnagar
    What : Of Art and Artists
    Spicy : Bhavna Bhatnagar has admired people who could draw, sketch and paint which has resulted her in bringing to us Shirin Sahba, Maheswari Janarthanan & Dithi Chakrabortty’s amazing art forms! All of them are brilliant artists :D. Have a dekko!

  • Who : Soumya
    What : Bad Ad World
    Spicy : We are in agreement with what Soumya comments on the advertisements these days! The ads of recent times are effecting the thinking of many age groups. Read this post to see whether you agree with her views!

  • Who : Hip Hop Grandmom
    What : Endorsing Corrupt Practices
    Spicy : Corruption is one of those things which we wish to not see few years down the line in India. This Grandmom is narrating a story of corruption that she witnessed in her young days. See this post to see how deep the corruption roots are!

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