BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Oct. 16, ’10

Spicy SaturdayBlogAdda and Indusladies are saying ‘Bye Bye to Breast Cancer‘. As we had announced in the post earlier this week that for this whole month, we will have posts featuring bloggers who support this cause. We want the Indian Bloggers to come forward and say Bye Bye to Breast Cancer. Join hands to fight breast cancer and instill hope on those who are looking for support. Get inspired by reading this wonderful interview of Farida Rizwan, a breast cancer survivor and an Indian Blogger.

  • Who : Keerthi P
    What : Aaromale for this golu
    Spicy : It’s the festive season of Navratri and Keerthi shares with us what’s happening around in her house, music and of neighborhood visits. Check out her blog and the Golu for sure!

  • Who : Prolificd
    What : Water
    Spicy : With increasing Global Warming and scarcity of resources, here’s a blog on information about how water, most important source for life, is diminishing and how we could save water. Read on to find more.

  • Who : Sneha Nair
    What : Dear Friend……..
    Spicy : A very touching and well written letter by one friend to another. People don’t realize the importance of friends and take each other for granted. Check out this blog to remember that long lost friend!

  • Who : Shail Raghuvansi
    What : Should Prostitution be Legalized?
    Spicy : Prostitution is one of the most debated topics of today. The words that go along with them, should be legal or should not. What are your opinions? Read this blog to find out facts and psychology of prostitutes and prostitution.

  • Who : Zoy
    What : A murder in progress
    Spicy : This blog post is an outburst of a Grandson after the death of his Grand mom and terms it as a deliberate murder by his family by not taking proper care of his grand mom. In today’s world we often find these situations and this one is one of those. Read on to find more.

  • Who : Suresh Iyer
    What : Was It A Trance?
    Spicy : We have always bought some nice spooky blog post with an unexpected twist. Here’s another to the list. As always we leave the twist a suspense and that’s for you to read and find out. And we’re sure that the twist must have occurred in your life too.

  • Who : Moulee
    What : Navarathri Golu
    Spicy : Moulee has very nicely described the festival of Navratri and specially Golu which is celebrated usually by people down south or anywhere by people of south origin. The pictures beautifully depict the actual Golu and the Navratri festivities down south.

Remember, for the rest of the month, the bloggers who have said ‘Bye Bye to breast cancer‘ will be featured here. So join the cause now and do your bit. 🙂

If you come across any interesting blog post or perky tweet and want to share, you can tip us on Twitter or contact us here and we will credit you for the selected pick.

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