BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 17, ’10

Spicy SaturdayThis week, there was a very interesting topic called ‘Rupee’ that was trending on Twitter. Yes, it was the Indian Rupee. Millions of people were talking about it. What do you think about the new Indian Rupee symbol? Also, a very interesting fact is that the symbol which was selected was not among the one’s shortlisted. There are some other topics as well which were discussed by the Indian Bloggers and we pick the best out of them for you. Here are this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks.

  • Who : The Bald Guy
    What : Hi, I’m Swati…
    Spicy : A brilliant brilliant post to start with. We salute the lady for her courage, thank TBG for posting this and thank IHM for tipping us this. A post you SHOULD NOT miss reading.

  • Who : Pixie9
    What : What to wear?!
    Spicy : ‘What to wear’ is a question we ask ourselves or ask someone everyday. This post is about a pixie9’s thoughts on this question and she wonders ‘Who decides for you?’. What do you think? What are your thoughts? A must read.

  • Who : Liberalcynic
    What : The ‘feminine’ side?
    Spicy : If you are man, do you admit some of your feminine traits? It takes some guts to admit it and liberalcynic has this wonderful post on it. A post you will enjoy reading.

  • Who : Amit Singh
    What : Departure
    Spicy : Amit is back with a beautiful poem. ‘In the mirror of her eyes, First time I loved myself so deeply’ is just a sneak preview of the wonderful lines you can expect in this poem.

  • Who : Jean
    What : Till we meet again…
    Spicy : Jean has this poem with Football as its theme. We would not want to say more as we would like you to read about it.

  • Who : Mudassir Shah
    What : OTIOSE dreams
    Spicy : Mudassir as a writer has a style and needs to be nurtured. You will enjoy reading this one and do ncourage him to come up with more such posts.

We want you to participate in this discussion. Read what the Indian Bloggers think about ‘Indian Media‘. Blog about it and win in this week’s contest. Some awesome entries have come up and let us know yours as well.

If you come across any interesting post or tweet and want to share, you can tip us on Twitter or contact us here and we will credit you for the selected pick.

2 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 17, ’10”

  1. I really liked the symbol. Representing indian culture and simple logo. But upper part of logo look like mirror image of euro, which is uncool. But overall it is good

  2. Thanks Blog Adda! Much appreciate it.

    Your appreciation goes a long way in encouraging me more! Thanks a tonne! 🙂

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