Is Indian Media – Misusing its Freedom?

With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom of the Press was one of the constitutional guarantees persistently demanded by India’s freedom fighters during British colonial rule. The Media in India enjoys a great amount of freedom and seems flourishing. Do you think, the Indian Media in the current times, is misusing their freedom? Have they strayed their path from responsible journalism? It is time to know what you think of the Indian Media in the current times.

BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO, is proud to announce this week’s contest called ‘Is Indian Media – Misusing its Freedom?

  • What do you think about Indian Media and the freedom that it enjoys? Is the media using it responsibly? Share with us instances or stories where you think Indian Media have misused their freedom and also let us know how Indian media can use their freedom in a more constructive way bringing a positive impact on the society.
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The contest runs an entire week, starting Wednesday Jul 14, ’10 and ends on Tuesday, Jul 20, ’10, midnight IST. Hurry Up!

Results will be announced on the BlogAdda website by Friday, Jul 23, ’10. So, what are you waiting for? Write down your thoughts now and share the link with us!

75 Replies to “Is Indian Media – Misusing its Freedom?”

  1. Wowwiee ur askin meee? *emotions chalkofying*. Frankly im nt going to write cos i never win anything and that suranga must hav a whole set of mugs by now. But if barkha dutt it is, den i wud definitelyy put down sumthing- anything actually. Even d thought that she would visit my blog makes me feel all balle balle inside. All aside- i think she is awesome n at face value pretty much d most knowledgable woman i knw!

  2. My Entry is not a blog post. But i have a 24/7 live example

    Just watch any Tamil News Channel run by Sun TV/ Jaya TV/ Makkal TV etc.

  3. indian media is in the grip of money baggers.even govt. dd is and more reliable.paid news isthe order ofthe day,english tv channels look like spokesmen of congress party.same old tiredfaces as experts on tv debates.sometimes i feel i am listening to radio moscow of u.s.s.r days. and papers look like pravda oof those days.majority bashing is the order othe day.less said of media the better. go back to emerergency days when print media was crawling but indian express and statesmen stood up against indira gandhi with the best of their abilities. in the present scenario i find anchors of tv channels even preaching listeners as if aam admi is afool. god save us from such captive media. Q .E.D

  4. I almost died laughing at some of the comments here. Come on tweeple cut (some of us at least) some slack. We make peanuts and even work on Sundays to get you taazza khabar =P

  5. I don’t think we should blame media. It is the fourth pillar of democracy. Of course, there are many news channels which is misusing their freedom. But the same freedom is necessary to keep our democracy like this. I am not posting anything on my blog, since my blog is about freestuffs only and a post like this wont suit

  6. well balu i have not a sweeping comment, but heart of hearts admit or not its afact.iwish more people in media give news eatng peanuts, rather than givinng peanuts

  7. India media came recently as a paid news media. Most Indian media is playing roll of call girl. Those who pay highest amount, media is dancing on his tune. Reliability of media is over. 30 year back politicans, businessmen, scoundrels were afraid to media. Editor had respect in Society, media was truly fourth pillar of democracy. That time is over. Why media lost it credibility? Rat race competition,c commercialization in all parts of life. Where everything sells how can media remain aloof form this tragic rat race? I am not blaming media it is circumstances that is main culprit in whose threat all of us are suffering, real tragedy is that no one dares to challenge this threat. We all are helpless hopeless creature

  8. hey media is running by business man and the people are working they are professional’s having big dream for there life. they need power, money and lavish life…

    so main aim of current media is making profit by increasing TRP and no. of circulation…

    as we can refer the movie page 3 they are a lot of truth…

    young population busy in bikini girl and some jokes and other…
    local leader need local news.

    business man need business news..

    same rest of the population dont know what they wants…

    but when we refer international media like BBC, ASIA net, Alzazira these are the channels having alot of news documentry and discussionn..

    really Indian media miss using the power of there rights…

    please correct me if i am wrong

  9. They’re not media. They’re official paid supporter of Congress !! I pity on them who consider TV debates as an intellectual exercise. I’m happy to know that the % of viewers watching English news channel is very less. And those who watch hardly vote. UPA minister do have time to come on debates of TIMES NOW,CNN-IBN. But they don’t have time to promote DD which is supposed to be the dominating channel!!

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  11. In INDIA the big roll is being play by media and judiciary. In fact they are ruling the country just because our law&order are not paying enough attention to our common day to day problems and politician are busy in other khich-pitch no doubt media is crossing laxman rekha bar bar but who is responsible for it only the main pillar our ELECTED LEADERSHIP In fact they are encouraging both of them to cross the line. no surprise in future if we get sponsored news bulletin in all channels and then there will be a neck to neck competition WHO GETS MORE &MORE

  12. It’s better to have too much freedom than too less. India is surrounded by countries that have somewhat dysfunctional media systems and governments. Let’s not be so quick to condemn a force which is not bound by the government – we don’t trust them to do the controlling either…

    Let things be as they are.

  13. On 4Th July on Maza Star there was interview of BHALCHNDRA NEMADE. This interview showed on this channel next day 15Th July same interview showed twice same time. I Wrote to MAZA Star channel why yo repeated same interview same time publisher of nemade pay to you how much?They did not replied. I asked publisher and Nemade how much fee they paid for thisinterview, Iam waiting for their answer.

  14. I am quite intrested in livefist defence news.but i wonder more than me , our enemies china and pakistan would be happy to learn the latest developments in indian defence, upcoming products, detailed with pictures and analysis from within drdo labs. what they can ask for more?. livefist is doing what a pakistani spy or chinese spy’s job is.

  15. may be i was too critical. i am very sorry. there is no doubt that live fist is the best indian defence website.

  16. Yes. Indian media specially the electronic media (though not all) is misusing its freedom very shamelessly. It is defying most of the principles of journalism. It appears that not only the management behind some T.V. channels is irresponsible, the news readers too are equally irresponsible. If you don’t go for the useless story some of them cover, just see how they repeat the same thing again and again like madaries. In fact, as it appears, they don’t know how to read news. National and International news stories have become things of past; scandals, sex related items, and crafted items have occupied their places.
    I hate this trend. Is there a law to prosecute such T.V. channels?

  17. Yes, it has been absolutely misusing its freedom to an extent that its sometimes borders on blackmail. There have been many instances where the journalists have not gone to the roots of the story and rather hastily have filed stories which are damaging to individuals and corporate.

    A recent case which highlights this is of one of India’s prominent national dailies whose reporter has levelled allegations on a company based on allegations of a whistleblower. Whats more it has taken upon itself to chastise police force of one of Indian states. It is also sensationalising the issue. I wonder what are the true intentions behind this.

  18. I openly challenged on his Facebook homepage to great great novelist BHALCHANDRA NEMADE who is using media paying money for his publicity. please accept my challenge if you have courage come forward on any platform. Let us see how you are manipulating the Marathi readers claiming boastful thing.Till he did not accept my challenge for debate . Print media did not published my protest letter.We common man are helpless with this giant muscle and money power media

  19. Balchandra Nemade Marathi novelist so ashamed of his interview on STAR MAZA AND HINDU DAILY HE WITHDRAW FROM HIS FACEBOOK HOME PAGE.I THINK THIS IS EFFECT OF BLOGADDA discussion.

  20. I know I missed the deadline. Frankly, I didn’t want to participate in the contest. But I wanted to write an article and thank you for giving me a good idea.

  21. You now start new subject for .discussion. Media issue is now boring enough is enough.Can I suggest to you new subject? Why Indian youth is so passive shallow?Why he not revolt again old out of date tradition?

  22. Yes , The Indian Media is misuing the ‘Freedom of Speech’ .

    Let me put it in a very strong lanuage. The Indian Media has no business to publish

    interwies with Militant Leaders, or any anti national Leader There are plenty of other

    topics to discuss and talk about in Chat Shows . Like Scrap dealers in Kashmir,

    Plight of Begggars in Kashmir, or Plight of Slums in Kashmir etc

    Not only anti national Politics and interviews with militant leaders.

    If I were the PM ot this country, at least during my tenure, I would have ‘blacked Out’

    all such Interviews with anti Social and antinational Elements

  23. The Indian media channels are yet to mature and learn how to report the truths with maturity. They should learn from other countries especially the western tv channels. They exposes corruption but close ranks when the nationally sensitive matters are dealt with. On the contrary Indian tv channel seem to take pleasure in insulting India in front of others and like draupadi, keep on disrobing her in front of other media channel just to gain a few words of praise from them. That, Indian tv channels and the intellectuals, politicians they frequently call for interviews have no shame is known to many. Let us hope the minority classes see through their design and contribute towards the development of India. Otherwise these minority classes will always remain “minority” and be used as cannon fodder by these channels as well as secular politicians. One particular channel “Headlines Today” is really nasty. Throw them crumbs and see them rant whatever you say. Keep watching these tv channels and you will forget what democracy means

  24. absolutley indian media mislead the indian people extensievly….all private channels in india are upto their won TRPs…they mislead the people lot….some TVchannels do get amalgamate-with political parties for their personal gains….its very bad my country is suffering from many scandals…like corruption, terrorism,fixings,scandals,etc….but this media haz become so strong…they can go to any greedy satisfaction…..please please please dont become puppets in the hands of any politician/celebrities they will ruin you…..come-out with dirty package system…dont work for the money work for this beautiful country….or else the days are not so far we will be gutted-down.

  25. media was something who made people aware of their surroundings …………….but today it’s like people themselves want to be aware from “reliable” sources rather than false news!

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