BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 12, ’10

Spicy SaturdayThe headline which caught our attention this morning is ‘Pro-LTTE’ elements blast rail track in TN’. We are already dealing with Maoists and now we have a new situation in hand. For all those who thought LTTE chapter is over, it is not, as this headline suggests. Let this world get free from all forms of violence. Let us make our voices heard. We are echoing the voice of Indian Bloggers through the weekly picks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Read them now.

  • Who : Rakesh
    What : Guest Post : Raavan โ€“ A โ€˜Leaked’ Story
    Spicy : Rakesh aka Karate brat has managed to get hold of the ‘leaked’ storyline of the upcoming movie Raavan. This has 4 different climaxes from which you can choose your best one. Join the fun.

  • Who : Shail
    What : Funny and sad
    Spicy : We had tweeted about an incident involving vandalism in a school yesterday. Shail goes down the memory lane and recollects a similar incident in her younger days. The point is ‘Is this kind of Vandalism’ acceptable? Do let us know your views.

  • Who : Sid
    What : Short Story: The memory that leaked!!!!
    Spicy : A brilliant piece of work by Sid. A short story which tries to express what the survivors of any tragedy feels like and what it is to lose a close one. Sid, keep them coming.

Remember your first crush? Blog about it and win in this week’s contest. Some awesome entries have come up and let us know yours as well.

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6 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 12, ’10”

  1. Wooooohoooo!!! I am the king of the world!! yeaaaaaahh!!!! wooohooo!!

    Err.. sorry i just couldn’t help myself ๐Ÿ˜€ ..Thanks a lot Blogadda!! I feel great!
    This post wouldn’t have been possible without the legendary Vimmuu..Thanx for letting me torture everyone through your blog man! You rock bro!
    The read all the other posts and i must tell u it was brilliant! u guys n gals rock!

    Let me go celebrate now by wearing a chillie garland and dancing to ‘Thok de killi’! Cya!

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