BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 02, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksIt is a beautiful Tuesday! And then there is the Saamna Issue, BT Brinjal Issue and the Afridi ball tampering scandal. Today’s headline says ‘Taliban warns of ‘big war’ on Pakistan’. What do these people achieve by declaring war and killing each other? Why doesn’t all the goodness of the Indian Blogosphere spill over to the real life? We are trying that and our Tangy Tuesday Picks are one of those efforts to spread goodness all around. Here are this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who : Sonia Faleiro
    What : Few years ago when I still working on
    Tangy: This post is an extract from her upcoming book ‘Beautiful Thing: Destiny, Sex, Destitution. Inside the Secret World of Bombay’s Dance Bars’. This post delves into the lives of those working in Mumbai’s Dance bars. We are sure after reading this post you will start waiting anxiously for the book. 

  • Who : Rakesh Guha
    What : E-d-u-c-a-t-I-o-n
    Tangy : ‘I can’t change the system alone! If this is what education is I’d rather go with Pink Floyd on this one -We don’t need no Education!’ is how Rakesh ends the post. A post which compares the education systems in India and elsewhere and has a lot of questions which would be there in all our minds. What do you think?

  • Who : Raksha Raman
    What : Dedicated to all the people who chose/will choose to FLY AWAY!
    Tangy : Raksha has this poem dedicated to all the people who chose/will choose to FLY AWAY! A poem about life and how the loved ones for whom you care fly away one day. A must read.

  • Who : Nadhiya Mali
    What : Ban it!
    Tangy : Scientists have not been able to prove it but Nadhiya thinks that excessive usage of Mobile Phone during Pregnancy affects the child. She has a real life example in this post to prove the point. Do read it and share your thoughts.

  • Who : Dr. Gonzo
    What : Mujhe Ishqiya Dekhne Do!
    Tangy : For all those who haven’t watched Ishqiya as yet, this awesome review will help you decide whether you want to see the movie or not. A detailed review with some Gonzo Masala added to it 🙂

  • Who : Samadrita
    What : The Last Temptation
    Tangy : Samadrita is here with an awesome short story which has a very strong message. Samadrita, it is very well conceptualized and written and conveys the message very clearly.

  • Who : Pixie
    What : The affair…
    Tangy : Pixie, we need more such stories from you pretty often. A story about person’s confession and his realization about his sexual preference. Pixie has written this very well which makes it a must read.

  • Who : Sue
    What : Believe!
    Tangy : Sue says ‘All things tangible are so because of belief. All things superstitious are so because of belief’. Sue has mentioned her views. We would love to have yours. Go and Read!

This week we had a lot of exciting posts and so did the earlier weeks. Talking about Excitingness, hope you have read the interview of Archana of Rang Decor.  If you feel your blog posts deserve to be here, do tip us using the contact form or on twitter. We look forward to hear from you.

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  1. Me first in wishing u and may u write more such wonderful posts and may blogadda pick them quite often too 😛

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