Perky Tweets – Feb. 01, ‘10

BlogAdda's perky TweetsFebruary is here. ‘Some things you don’t need until they leave you; they’re the things that you miss. ~ Rob Thomas’. How often does this happen that first day of the month is Monday? To make the week and month happier, do not miss the #perkytweets. Here are this week’s #perkytweets to make you smile throughout the month.

Wht is opposite of Santa? ….tell tell…Its an IODEX…..coz santa is Sardar n IODEX  is asardar…..IODEX maliye Kaam pe chaliye……..

Mr.BEAN puts his pencil into a horlicks bottle.Y? to make pencil “TALLER” “STRONGER” n ” SHARPER” ;))

God invented swear words because he realized that people need to drive in Bangalore

Have a gr8 sat guys.just  remember there’s only 1 man in  d world jiske saamne bade se bada  aadmi katora leke khada hota hai..panipuriwala!

Breaking News: Rajesh Khanna breaks his silence, accuses James Cameron of plagiarism

GabbarSingh was  a visionary, he tried his level best  to prevent Isha deol from happening. Bloody Thakur fanboys look what you’ve got now.

Yes but will  she marry him? RT @htTweets Rahul Mahajan says he will definitely marry the woman he chooses on TV

Murray’s starting to clutch his thigh – I’m worried he might have ruptured his abilitytoplaytennis

Scientists have found ice & water on moon! we just need to take scotch with us!

International Lunar Geographic Society names lunar crater after SRK. So we now have evidence why crazy guys are called lunatics #perkytweets

#perkytweets?? RT @cubicile_blues: You are not a  failure until your boss knows about  it.

You pass out of colg doubting whether u learnt nethin at all,you enter a company and u dont doubt it nemore #perkytweets

The stupidity  of the patient’s relative is directly  proportional to how sick the patient  is.

An Apple(Tablet) a day is gonna keep Microsoft away #perkytweets  ……………………………………………..

Its funny when ppl discuss luv Marriage vs Arranged. Its like asking sum1, if suicide is better or being murdered #perkytweets

Google Wave was built to show younger people how older people feel when they try to use the internet..!!! #perkytweets

Whats the difference between weekday and weekend? Ans: In weekends we sleep in home.

It’s fun to have a child like Calvin #calvinandhobbes  ‘in someone else’s family’. Period. #perkytweets

Q) What do you call a hot girl who loves Apple ? A) iTem

“If you see someone without a smile; give him one of yours.” Same thing applies on Twitter! Make someone smile with your #perkytweets. And a big thanks to all those who mark their tweets as #perkytweets – you guys are simply superb!

For more smiles, read the conversation of the faceoff between Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Pritish Nandy on Twitter and if you are looking to get inspired. then you gotta read the Interview with Archana Srinivas, the lady behind one of the top Indian Interior Decor Blogs. Hope you have been reading the interviews and the weekly picks alongwith the guest posts. Do send in your feedback and help us serve you better. Have an awesome week ahead.

Have a gr8 sat guys.just  remember there’s only 1 man in  d world jiske saamne bade se bada  aadmi katora leke khada hota hai..panipuriwala!

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