BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 3, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe first week of November is here. It has started off with some very interesting things to look forward to. Some of the things to look forward to this November are TED India, interesting interviews and awesome blogposts. This morning we read about ‘FATWA’ which was issued against Vande Mataram? What do you think? We have some interesting conversations happening here. It’s time to read the interesting posts from this week.

  • Who : Indy
    What : Daughter of mine
    Tangy: What a post to start with. Indy has this awesome post about her daughter and what she feels for her. The way Indy has written and described the feelings in this post makes it a everyday read.

  • Who : Ranjani
    What : Doctor couple does wonders for tribals at Sittilingi
    Tangy : Nowadays, the doctor’s profession has become money minded. Exceptions are always there in all cases and Regi and Lalitha are one of them. Ranjani has this post talking about the Doctor couple and their initiative. A must read.

  • Who : Abhishek Joshi
    What : Losing my religion!
    Tangy : Abhishek starts his post with this disclaimer ‘The following post may ripple through your religious sentiments…so be it!’. We don’t wanna reveal the suspense but all we can say is that  you may think twice about many things after reading this post. Do let Abhishek know your views.

  • Who : Stephen
    What : Once upon a time in Infosys
    Tangy : This post by Stephen is published by him on behalf of his friend. If you have been to Infosys campus, you can relate to it very easily. If you haven’t, reading this post almost takes you there. BTW, TED India is being held at the Mysore Campus of Infosys. 🙂

  • Who : Abhinav
    : Just a thought
    Tangy : Abhinav has this thought provoking post and asks a very relevant question in present times. Times are changing and so are the values. Read this post to find out and let us know what would you have done in similar circumstances.

  • Who : Saritha
    What : Break the silence
    Tangy : October was the Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Saritha has this post to raise the awareness for the cause. We need to support and spread awareness about for causes like this this. Do read the post and spread the word.

  • Who : Gypsy Queen
    What : Goodbye
    Tangy : This post has made it our list because of the way she has paced and conceptualized the post. You expect something when you start reading and end up knowing something else. A must read post by Gypsy Queen!

  • Who : Chrony
    What : Talk openly about sex
    Tangy : Chrony starts the post by saying ‘If not for Sex, we would not be on earth in the first place. I would not be typing this post and you would not be reading it either’.  This line will give you a fair idea about what the post is all about. A serious read.

  • Who : Goofy Mumma
    What : Can We Hear The Sobs Of Tiny Voices?
    Tangy : Posts like these will make one realize that Domestic Violence is still rampant in our society. October was the domestic violence awareness month and Goofy Mumma has this post which you shouldn’t miss reading. Thanks a lot Solilo and Monika for bringing this post into our notice.

  • Who : Kanupriya
    What : Farmville Success – An evaluation
    Tangy : Every second user of Facebook is playing the game ‘Farmville’. Kanupriya has tried to analyze as to why the game was a success and the factors behind that. Do let her know your inputs.

Week after week, we have regulars who take the effort to tip us (you can write to us as well) dedicatedly and write some amazing posts. Do support them by reading their posts and commenting!

1. The Unsung Duet! by Pawan
2. eS eM eSSSS by Shruti

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  1. Does my entry mean a real pick?
    Or is just appreciation?

    @Pawan It is a Real Pick :). You are amongst the bloggers who regularly tip us.

  2. Oh my god! I’m really honoured to see my post picked here! This feels great!!! Thank you very much blogadda! You made my day!!! 🙂

  3. well ..this is a real honour fr my friend nd m glad to recieve it on behalf of him….thanks a lot guys!!! nd congos to all

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