BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 21, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksAbhivandan (Hello in Hindi). We were greeted this morning with the news that Gangubai Hangal, who mesmerized audiences with her melodious voice for over six decades is no more. May her soul RIP.

The Astrologers will be in demand today & will be featured on all the news channels with their views on the Solar eclipse which will happen tomorrow. Eclipse or Sunshine, we would be here with our top picks week after week to serve you the best.

  • Who : Shantanu Adhicary
    What : How to make a Yash Raj Film
    Tangy: Most of the film buffs are a big fan of Yash Raj films. Shantanu in this very (should we say humorous 🙂 ) post shares with us the secret formula on how a Yash Raj films becomes a hit.  It is an all exclusive from Shantanu 🙂

  • Who : Kanchan Gupta
    What : For Manmohan, Indian blood is cheap
    Tangy : A very hard hitting but relevant post by Kanchan Gupta on the recent joint statement by Indian and Pakistani Prime Minister in the summit. All we can say about this post is that, it makes us think whether the statement was issued in a haste. What do you think?

  • Who : Rash
    What : I finally got to know, who’s my girl!!!
    Tangy : It is a different feeling altogether when you find your dream match and are also lucky enough to spend the rest of the life with him/her. Rash made an impromptu decision when his folks at home were ready with an arranged marriage proposal. To find out what decision he took, do read the post.

  • Who : Anil Kant
    What : Ek Prem Kahani Aisi bhi (Hindi)
    Tangy : After a long hiatus a hindi post makes it into our weekly picks. Anil Kant has this superb post about a love story written in a beautiful way :). We don’t want to reveal more about it. A must read for all!

  • Who : Vipul Grover
    What : Arjun
    Tangy : Vipul tipped us to a lovely post and deserves to be in the list. All we want to say about this post and the message which it conveys is that ‘Never delay in showing your love or doing something, You never know whats in store for you tommorow. A post which you shouldn’t miss!

  • Who : scriptlarva
    What : The ‘character versus plot’ debate in scriptwriting
    Tangy : Whenever you see a movie, do you ever think that the character is wasted or the script was bad? In this very interesting post with some good examples, scriptlarva feels the script had undone the character. Do you agree? A must read all for all movie buffs!

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6 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 21, ’09”

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  2. मेरी कहानी को यहाँ BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 21, ‘09 में शामिल करने के लिए शुक्रिया.

    आपका दोस्त
    अनिल कान्त

  3. ah! quite an eclectic mix this one:)
    Rad Shantanu’s and enjoyed it though the comment section was an interesting read too 😀

    Kanchan and Rash’s were interesting too in thier own ways..Kanchan’s had a lot of angst

    Vipul’s had a lesson for us…it was sad..

    Scriptlarvae’s was quite fascinating really..specially for someone who doe not know the a b ,c of script writing..

    the one I loved a lot was Anil Kant’s
    very different..
    absolutely Loved it:)
    thanks Blog Adda for sharing it..

  4. @Indyeah: The comments together make it a complete masala post. Thanks for coming! 😛

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