BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 07, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksNu yella undav (How are you in telugu). Pranabda has taken a big gamble in this budget and hope it pays off :). Markets didn’t appreciate the budget and the Sensex was down close to 1000 points at the close. All these are part and parcel of life and by now our Weekly Picks would have also become part and parcel of your life and we know you are waiting for it. The wait is over and here it is πŸ™‚

  • Who : Inner Vision
    What : Sex – a taboo!
    Tangy: Our first post for this week as title suggests talks about Sex as a taboo by a ‘Visually Challenged Couple‘. They try to find the answers to the question ‘Why Sex is a taboo’. What are your views on the same?

  • Who : Sathyanarain
    What : Only one burns
    Tangy : Sathyanarain is known for his brilliant short stories and here is one such from his bag πŸ™‚ . A short story with unexpected twists and turns which makes you wish that it continues. A must read!!

  • Who : Ankit Garg
    What : Rakhi Sawant ka swayamvar
    Tangy : ‘Rakhi ka Swayamvar’. This show has created a buzz and is on everyone’s mouth :). Ankit reviews the show and we are sure you would ROFL on his analysis. A post not recommended for die hard Rakhi fans πŸ˜› .

  • Who : Preeti Shenoy
    What : Is it a man’s world?
    Tangy : Preeti Shenoy (Interview with Preeti Shenoy) in this very interesting post tries to answer this question. A very interesting post with lot of mixed reactions on the post. Do voice your reactions to Preeti πŸ™‚ . This post has been recommended to us by an anonymous user using the contact form :). Thank you whoever you are πŸ˜› .

  • Who : Iya Malhotra
    What : 2 Sisters and no Brother, God be with your parents
    Tangy : Do you feel different if you have sisters and no brother’s in your family? Do you feel different when other’s ask you this question? Iya vents out her feelings and this post has been tipped to us on Twitter. Do read it and share your thoughts on the same.

  • Who : Aniket Thakkar
    What : Small Talk
    Tangy : This post was tipped to us a bit late by Abhishek Thakkar but is worthy of the tip. This post by Aniket is a flash fictional story. We do not want to reveal the storyline but we can assure you that it is worth the read πŸ™‚

In the part and parcel package we also haveΒ  Spicy Saturday Picks and the Perky tweets. Do not miss reading them.Β  If you have any interesting posts or tweets to share with us, contact us or you can tip us on twitter using ‘Tip @blogadda’ along with the link and we will credit you for that.

The Part 2 ofΒ  Indyeah’s interview is as interesting as the Part 1 and if you have missed reading it, Do read it now .

7 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 07, ’09”

  1. thanks for linking. I was going to close comments on that post as it seemed to ahve triggered off huge outpourings πŸ™‚

  2. Iya’s post asked a question that is so common in our society..and one that shows just what exactly our mindset is even today in the 21st century
    thank you for picking her post

  3. Preeti’s post is another one that was really interesting..enjoyed reading it and the reactions gave a clue as to how we think as a society..or what percentage of it is visible here at least

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