The Best of ICC World Twenty20

ICC World Twenty20Hello!! We are still waiting for rains. But we have lots of new things raining for our users.  It has been our constant endeavour to give our best to our users. We at BlogAdda, want to serve the best to our users at one single place.

After the most recent launch of Best Indian CEO blogs, we now present the ICC World Twenty20 coverage.

We rolled out Social Media Conversations on Indian Elections which had the best blogs, pictures, cartoons and videos with Indian Elections as the theme. It was widely appreciated and featured in many International and local media. We have also Conversations of IPL T20 from the Social Media where we had the best cricket blogs, pictures from South Africa, humorous cartoons on IPL players and good videos from the IPL.

India take on West Indies today in ICC Twenty20. Come on India Dikha do, Duniya ko fir se hila do, Cup lekar aao. On this occasion, we roll out a dashboard of all the Social Media Conversations of ICC Twenty20 where we have the best blogs, photos live from England and some amazing videos. You don’t need to go anywhere else once you come here, we can assure that :). Here are the blogs linked to their latest posts which are covering the ICC Twenty20 World Cup and doing a great job.

Hope you are enjoying our initiatives :). Do give us your feedback (Appreciation/Criticism much accepted)  using the contact form.

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