BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jun. 02, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksKohomada? (How are you in Sinhala?) We pray to god to give all the strength and courage to overcome the loss of their loved ones in the Air France crash. May the souls of the deceased ‘Rest in Peace’. Coming back to India,  spare us from this heat.  Bring on the rains!! Make your Tuesday Tangier by reading the best blog posts from the Indian Blogs.

  • Who : Prerna
    What : Buri Nazar Wale Tera Munh Kala
    Tangy: As the title suggests, Prerna talks about the various superstitions prevailing in the society. She cites many examples and airs her views on the same. What are your views? Do you believe in superstitions? We discovered some that we didn’t knew, you might as well. Share with Prerna.

  • Who : Psych Babbler
    What : Racial Row
    Tangy : The recent attacks on Indians in Australia are being aired on media 24 x 7 . They are being termed by the media as ‘racist attacks’. Psych Babbler says Racism exists everywhere and he believes that we need to be more open in our approach and not to trust the media blindly. A must read post.

  • Who : Nita
    What : India’s dynasty politics needs to go
    Tangy : The seats have been allocated in the Indian Lok Sabha Elections 2009. The one striking feature that emerges out is the rise of the sons and daughters of seasoned politicians giving rise to dynasty politics. Nita has a very interesting take on that and her views are very much relevant. Recommended reading.

  • Who : Sakthidharan
    What : Australian Taliban – The new menace on the blocks ?
    Tangy : Sakthidharan has a different take on the incidents happening in Australia, Do read it and drop in your comments.
    Tip: Sakthidharan

  • Who : Rashmi Bansal
    What : Crocodile Dandi
    Tangy : Rashmi analyzes the situation in Australia.  She has the facts and the statistics to back it. A very interesting and a must read post with facts and figures.

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