BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – May. 12, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksHowdy Pardner!  The Political parties are showing their true colours. Foes are becoming friends and regional parties are becoming heroes. Politicians are fasting not in the name of God but for personal reasons. Our PM visits the Politician in the hospital to show solidarity in turn asking for his support 🙂 . ‘Yeh hain Indian Politics meri jaan‘. Take a break from Indian Politics and get ready to read the weekly picks from the Indian Blogosphere.

  • Who : Sakshit
    What : Zoozoo.. Love you Mommy
    Tangy: ‘Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together’. This post is not about Zoozoos. Sakshit in this Tangy pick uses zoozoo as a means to communicate what he has in his heart and this post is all about his love for his mother. A must read to start with.

  • Who : Arun
    What : Cultures of India
    Tangy : Arun in this post captures the various dance forms which celebrate colours. He has captured them beautifully and aesthetically. In Kathakali for example, the artist spends hours in just getting ready for the act and the make up takes almost 6 hours. There is a lot of effort put in these dance forms and this is one of the reasons why Indian Culture is known worldwide.

  • Who : Winnie the Poohi
    What : Rimjhim gire saavan.. sulag sulag jaaye mann
    Tangy : A Wonderful post by Winnie the Poohi with Rain as its theme. The song reminds us of the romance in the rains and she does the same for us. A beautifully written post is all we want to say about this and a must read.

  • Who : Lavin Mirchandani
    What : Notes from my first lesson on Finance Part – One
    Tangy : As an entrepreneur, looking for tips in finance? Lavin has it for you. A very informative post on the things to take care of once you become an entrepreneur.

  • Who : Mekie
    What : A medieval temple in Bhojpur
    Tangy : Mekie makes a comeback in our weekly picks! This time it is a wonderful Phototrip of a Medieval temple in Bhojpur. As always she has captured the intricate details of the temple and makes our viewing pleasurable. It makes us realize that there are beautiful places in India which are yet to be seen.

  • Who : Mad Momma
    What : Thank you, I won
    Tangy : This Tangy Tuesday is the thanksgiving post by Mad Momma for the IndusLadies Mother’s day contest she won. This is featured as a tribute to all Mommy bloggers and bloggers who took part in the contest!

Did you miss reading our BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks?  You can still read it and do give your valuable feedback. If you have any interesting posts to share with us, contact us or you can tip us on twitter using ‘Tip @blogadda’ along with the link and we will credit you for that. We also have Krish Ashok of Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa interviewed for you. Read it and laugh uproariously.

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  1. Congratulations MM for the well deserved victory and for the TT pick ..yay!!!!

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