BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks

As announced earlier, BlogAdda will pick up good posts from Indian blogosphere and will serve it to the readers. We have the Spicy Saturday Picks for you.

  • Sindhu Subramaniam in this very thought provoking post talks about Mumbai’s past (when it was considered a paradise) and the present. She wonders where the city has gone and what has happened to it.
  • In the second pick for this week, we have Sauvik Chakraverti where he airs his views about the recent Mangalore Pub incident. He questions the system, the politicians and tells the youth to stand up for their rights. We agree.
  • The third pick for the week is about the recent Satyam Saga. We have Amitabh Mukherjee with his views on the recent appointment of the three new board directors. He investigates the real issues which Satyam faces and which needs to be addressed soon.
  • The fourth pick we have for you is the one recommended to us by Anil using the Contact form. The post is posted by ET Power of Ideas. It is about the ‘Little Devil’, the Combat robot. It was featured at IIT TechFest 2009 by students of Walchand Institute of Technology. A very interesting read.
  • The Final pick we have for you today is posted by Roshan D’Silva. The post is about how we can cope with the recession. He spells out the strategy which he is following to cope with the recession and invites suggestions from readers for the same. Do visit his blog and write in your suggestions

Also read, BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks. And make sure you send in your favourite picks. Wish you all a great weekend and we will be soon with some more gems next week. Cya

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