BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks

Starting today, BlogAdda will pick up good posts from Indian blogosphere and will serve it to the readers. We plan to do this twice a week. This way, good posts will be acknowledged and readers will get to read quality content. This is also an opportunity for everyone to interact more in fruitful discussions. We invite readers and bloggers to share interesting posts that they discover with us. If the post finds a place here, we will credit you for the same. You can use this form to send us or even better, follow us on twitter and share the posts on twitter using the format ‘Tip @blogadda. For ex. If you want to share a link, login to your twitter account and write ‘Tip @blogadda The link (and some details, if you want)’ without the quotes. We will identify you by your twitter handle and credit accordingly.

Here are the first few links –

  • Suhel Seth talks about teflon tribe which exists in India. He says we cannot leave them out of the accountability bucket just because it is a cosy club.
  • Dr A Uniyal explains us how the stars affect our lives. He explains in detail about what astrology is in this post.
  • Meera in her unique style depicts what the world expects from Obama.
  • In the times of recession, a very humourous take on  ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Anshul Maheshwari in the form of a comic strip.

Appreciate your comments.

3 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks”

  1. This is definitely a nice feature. I liked Meera’s comic strip. And Anshul has some neat work as well. Nice work blogadda. When is the next list of picks coming up?

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