BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 10, 09

Hey, we are back this week for  BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks. We have the following interesting picks for you.

  • In the first pick for you, we have Gurudev Prasad who Luck By Chance met Aamir Khan and narrates his experiences. The post is very interesting to read as it gives a first person account of how a common man feels when he is called for an meeting with a celebrity. The interesting thing to note is that Aamir Khan reads all the comments sent to him and gives the feedback to most of them.
  • We have Dr Rudran’s post on Muthukumar Suicide case as the second pick for this week. This post is thought provoking and enlightens us with the sacrifices people have made for causes which are very political in nature in our opinion.  It also remembers two young people who gave up their life for causes promoted by selfish interests.
  • The third pick for you is P.N.K. Bamzai where he writes about the state of Kashmir Brahmins and Aryans. He writes about the history of  Kashmiri Pandits and the unseen atrocities they are facing in the present times. A very interesting post and a different side to the sensitive issue of Kashmir.
  • A humourous comic by Kajal Kumar is our fourth pick for BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.
  • A very interesting take on the various protest marches planned against the recent Mangalore pub incident. The post by Faking News which is titled SIMI (Single Males of India) takes on Sri Ram Sene on V-Day is our fifth post. Readers please note that this blog is titled ‘Faking News’. 🙂
  • The last but not the least. We have the final post for you by Indian Homemaker. In this very interesting post, Indian Homemaker speaks about the changing times and the issues faced by the modern women. It would be interesting to have everyone’s comments on this post and not just women writing.

If you haven’t read BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks , Do read it and give your valuable feedback. If you have any interesting posts to share with us, Do contact us or you can tip us on twitter using ‘Tip @blogadda’ along with the link and we will credit you for that.

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