Write for the Blogathon

This one is for all the bloggers out here. You’ve been writing on your blogs for long covering social issues at times.


Now, you can write for Blogathon, where there are many more who will write on the topic of their choice on a given day. Here are the topics to choose from:

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Life of a Blogger

Life of a blogger depends on what stage of life the blogger is in. Here, we talk about two stages. A blogger in college and a blogger as an IT professional. We are sure that you must have many interesting things to share as your life as a blogger.

Go ahead and read what goes on typically in the life of a blogger

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Respond to Comments on your Blog

It is time we discussed about a very important aspect of blogging, which is responding to your readers and the comments you get. As a blogger, always remember that a big role in whatever you are, is because of your readers. Whatever you do, remember that feedback (positive or negative) is very very important. Remember the golden rule of marketing? The customer is god and the customer is always right. In the blogging world your readers are like your customers and responding to them and getting their feedback is very important. Always remember that a reader is taking some valuable time off his/her busy schedule and honouring your blog with a comment and that time should be respected. Responding to your readers comments can also start of a healthy discussion and lead to your making acquaintances with a lot of like minded people.

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