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Write Over the Weekend (WOW) – Jun 28, 2013

Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain.- Bobby Rain. 


Write Over the Weekend theme for this week

On a Rainy day…! Write a post starting with this line.

Are we all set? Start writing and keep blogging. Remember, you have time till Sunday midnight!

Include this code:

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

What is WOW?

With social media taking over our lives, do you feel your blog is not getting all the attention it deserves? Are you one of those who want to write, but are either spoiled for choices or having nothing that is inspiring you to write? We, at BlogAdda, understand just that and thus decide to bring to you an initiative that you shall await just as eagerly as you await weekends. We are very happy to announce a brand new initiative at your Adda which will rekindle your love for writing again. Presenting to you ‘WOW – Write Over the Weekend’. Write Over the Weekend (WOW). As the name suggests, we at BlogAdda want to rekindle your love for writing. We want you to continue writing just for the love of it. We want to bring your creativity back to the fore. We want the community to know you for your creative writing. It is as simple as that.

WOW! This is exciting. What do I do next?

We want it to be very simple. Every weekend (well, almost), starting from today, we will announce a theme on which you can WOW. You can submit your blogpost links in the comments section below. The best entries will get special badges to flaunt on their blogs.


Update: All the posts that were a part of Write Over the Weekend were really WOW. This theme was all about love, crushes, beauty of rains and much more. 

Importantly, we welcome the all the new bloggers who wrote for WOW for the first time. We promise you exciting times ahead.  Time to feature the entries that were really really good. The special posts of this edition are: 


There were some more posts that were good but we expect more from them and would want to see them in the above list. They are:

All those who are featured in WOW can now flaunt the WOW badge on your blog. Download your badge now!


65 Responses to “Write Over the Weekend (WOW) – Jun 28, 2013”

  1. BlogAdda inspired me again to pen down this 55.

    Thank you

    Someone is Sepcial

  2. Soumya says:

    My first ever post on BlogAdda and I couldn’t ask for a better topic.

    Here is my entry for this weeks WOW.

  3. Sumanth says:

    Go dance in Rain……………(My entry for this weeks WOW)

  4. Iti says:

    My entry for this week’s WOW, The Winter Rain

  5. Kalpana Solsi says:

    My second post for WOW. The first was appreciated and hence found courage to write again. Thank you Blogadda.

  6. Here is my real life experience for WOW post of this week
    its my real life love story

  7. Bhavya says:

    A lot can happen On a rainy day…!
    My submission for WOW:

  8. Vivek Reddy says:

    Thanks to blogadda for presenting a wonderful opportunity and here’s my entry:

  9. My entry on the topic, Rain is my favourite muse and I couldn’t miss this one.

  10. BellyBytes says:

    Unfortunately this weekend has been quite dry……….but as every one knows Mumbai monsoons are never dull

    Find my entry at

  11. I wrote one more.. :)Rain never fails to inspire me and it rained here yesterday.

  12. My first attempt at poetry & also at contributing to BlogAdda’s Write Over The Weekend ‘WOW!’ Initiative…

  13. Arunraj R. says:

    I am sure what ever I have written in this would have been experienced by each and everyone here.. Do read it and get your old memories flashing in you.. 🙂

  14. Arunraj R. says:

    I am sure what ever I have written in this would have been experienced by each and everyone here.. Do read it and get your old memories flashing in you..

  15. Neha Joshi says:

    My first post at BlogAdda. Perfect topic to start with!! 😀

  16. Abhishek says:

    My entry for WOW.

    A Change of Heart :

    Don’t go by the title. 😉

    Good Luck to all. 🙂

  17. Locomente says:

    Awesome topic it is!!!

    And here goes my write-up…

  18. Loved writing on this awesome topic BlogAdda.
    Here’s my entry- (first one for WOW)
    Thanks! 🙂

  19. Shail says:

    This time there is no last minute rush, phew:

  20. Have written many posts for blogadda WOW. All those posts are 55-ers. This time I have written something different. Guys please check.

  21. this is my first WOW entry, please don’t do this :'(

  22. Loved writing on this awesome topic BlogAdda.
    Here’s my entry- (first one for WOW)

  23. Rinzu Rajan says:

    Oops sorry posted the wrong link, terribly sorry

  24. Almas Shamim says:

    I am participating in WOW for the first time… I hope I write more for BlogAdda 🙂 Here is my post. Do read it. Thanks 🙂

  25. pooja kopargaonkar says:

    My entry:

    am so happy that this theme made me wrote a poem after so long today

  26. AartiS says:

    My post at blogadda WOW this week, after ages –
    I know I’m late…plz do consider.

  27. sumanth says:

    i had submitted my entry on friday only but forgot to paste the link.(actually i had posted my link in the “website” field in “leave a reply ” form).So it didnt appear. This is the link please consider

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