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Sponsored Reviews

As a blogger, many a times, you share your experience of visiting a new restaurant, watching a new movie, pros and cons of using a particular product/service, discovering a new culture/practice or even sharing your experience with a customer service agent of your mobile network with your readers. This sharing is like reviewing that product, service or experience and helps others in their decisions to use or purchase that product/service. It also in turn helps the organisation know how consumers feel and perceive their product.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to get a chance to either experience that service or own a product without paying for it? There is one such in store for you now! BlogAdda will now give bloggers a platform to earn revenue from their blog and/or get free products by reviewing a product/service.

You now have a chance to get paid and/or experience a product/service by the company in return for a review. A great chance to give your blog a new impetus by giving analytical reviews! The review will be neutral, transparent (proper disclosure) and completely based on how you feel. More details about this program will be announced shortly.

Kindly proceed and fill up the expression of interest form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

For brands/companies interested to review their products/services, write to

If you have any queries you can write to us using this contact form.

56 Responses to “Sponsored Reviews”

  1. Sagar Shah says:

    Osam idea to bring B2C Market at one Stage !

  2. Wonderful work. Keep it up Blogadda !

  3. This is another great initiative by the Blogadda team. I have already submitted the ‘expression of interest form’. So whats the way forward from here.

  4. Vikram Karve says:

    Great Literary Initiative

  5. Great work blogadda thumbs up

  6. subrahmanian s h says:

    Yes, Friends.
    I’m delighted at the opportunity.
    Kindly incorporate me …


  7. rakesh kumar says:

    good initiative, going to sign your expression of interest.

  8. Nicole says:

    It’s such a great initiative. A lot of people actually trust bloggers when it comes to products. Infact I too sometimes rely on blogger reviews. Some of us can be just so dead honest. It’s not always about the companies.

  9. Pinky singh says:

    Great going blogadda i really appreciate your step cheers to bloggadda family

  10. kofykat says:

    I filled this form out a week ago. really loking forward to this. Any idea when I will know about it?

  11. Roshni says:

    thanx blogadda!

  12. really looking forward to doing some sponsored reviews !!!
    a nice initiative by blogadda!!!

  13. It is really a welcome initiative by blogadda thanx.

  14. Ajay says:

    nice idea…will be trying it..

  15. I have signed up for this some time back, but still didnt get to anything from the team. Is there some sort of selection criteria for this campaign?

  16. admin says:

    We do shortlist according to the requirements. We will let you know if something suitable comes in.

  17. Sagar Shah says:

    Thanks @Blogadda We Love to Try New !

  18. Bikram says:

    excellent way.. how do i participate

  19. mathai says:

    we bloggers can afford to be dead honest
    and that helps genuine parties
    both sellers and buyers

  20. Mithlash says:

    How do I participate

  21. Nirmala says:

    Specify the requirements to participate.

  22. Hema says:

    Superb and great idea. hats off.

  23. RAJIV says:

    good work. blogadda

  24. Yes ,i am interested and filled the form.

  25. never got oppurtunity for a sponsored review here…though have signed up long time back..looking forward guys!!!

  26. AlkaGurha says:

    I am interested in the details….

  27. shashi kant trigun says:

    i am interested to be part of this site

  28. Any updates on this team? it has been quite a while… havent seen much activity…

  29. let me too know about any updates. Thanks

  30. sankar says:

    Like that idea 🙂 to write about something 🙂 how you feel about it 🙂

  31. Trupti says:

    this is a very interesting initiative, i would love to be part of it …..

  32. garima says:

    Superlike the concept blogadda… keen to be a part of it…cheers

  33. Ragini says:

    Real Good Idea..I would like to try it!!

  34. Nisha says:

    What is the time frame of “we will get in touch with you shortly.” ??

  35. Swati Aiyer says:

    Great going Blogadda. Earn through fun. Not a bad deal at all. Have expressed my interest in this and hoping something exciting will come through soon. 😀

  36. Anish says:

    awesome initiative, count me in

  37. aswathy says:

    good one.. interested in reviewing sponsored products,. 🙂

  38. Aashish Rai says:

    I am really looking forward to contribute once I am selected for this event. It will enhance my writing skills. It will also evolve my analytical skills. Hoping to contribute something to the society and blogging world. Thanks

  39. life stalker says:

    great idea, a big thumps up 🙂

  40. shatarup says:

    hi, as a new joinee, i really want to review this books… plesae give me the oppertunity to go through it….

  41. Pratibha says:

    I can’t update my address plz help me!!!

  42. sweta says:

    Have applied a long time back…still waiting for a response !!

  43. Pratik Patil says:

    Does this still work ? Submitted this month.. Looking for a positive response.

  44. Its good for blogger and initiatives to the new blogger to have such kind of website which helps them to explore there website and bringing traffic and sponsors to them. 🙂

  45. neeta thakur says:

    I have Just joined
    I want to gain experience from here

  46. Swarna says:

    Applied.. fingers crossed.. I hope I get to review some great things..

  47. AKASH says:

    Hope to get some cool gadgets to review on my website!!!!!!!!!

  48. Ila Varma says:

    I have applied for the same and eagerly waiting for the work.

  49. Niharika says:

    I have signed up for this , but have not received any product or details for review. Please suggest procedure


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