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As a blogger, many a times, you share your experience of visiting a new restaurant, watching a new movie, pros and cons of using a particular product/service, discovering a new culture/practice or even sharing your experience with a customer service agent of your mobile network with your readers. This sharing is like reviewing that product, service or experience and helps others in their decisions to use or purchase that product/service. It also in turn helps the organisation know how consumers feel and perceive their product.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to get a chance to either experience that service or own a product without paying for it? There is one such in store for you now! BlogAdda will now give bloggers a platform to earn revenue from their blog and/or get free products by reviewing a product/service.

You now have a chance to get paid and/or experience a product/service by the company in return for a review. A great chance to give your blog a new impetus by giving analytical reviews! The review will be neutral, transparent (proper disclosure) and completely based on how you feel. More details about this program will be announced shortly.

Kindly proceed and fill up the expression of interest form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

For brands/companies interested to review their products/services, write to marketing@blogadda.com

If you have any queries you can write to us using this contact form.

63 Replies to “Sponsored Reviews”

  1. This is another great initiative by the Blogadda team. I have already submitted the ‘expression of interest form’. So whats the way forward from here.

  2. Yes, Friends.
    I’m delighted at the opportunity.
    Kindly incorporate me …


  3. It’s such a great initiative. A lot of people actually trust bloggers when it comes to products. Infact I too sometimes rely on blogger reviews. Some of us can be just so dead honest. It’s not always about the companies.

  4. really looking forward to doing some sponsored reviews !!!
    a nice initiative by blogadda!!!

  5. I have signed up for this some time back, but still didnt get to anything from the team. Is there some sort of selection criteria for this campaign?

  6. We do shortlist according to the requirements. We will let you know if something suitable comes in.

  7. never got oppurtunity for a sponsored review here…though have signed up long time back..looking forward guys!!!

  8. Any updates on this team? it has been quite a while… havent seen much activity…

  9. Great going Blogadda. Earn through fun. Not a bad deal at all. Have expressed my interest in this and hoping something exciting will come through soon. 😀

  10. I am really looking forward to contribute once I am selected for this event. It will enhance my writing skills. It will also evolve my analytical skills. Hoping to contribute something to the society and blogging world. Thanks

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  12. Its good for blogger and initiatives to the new blogger to have such kind of website which helps them to explore there website and bringing traffic and sponsors to them. 🙂

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